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Meth lab cooks compared to terrorists by Florida fire marshal

When detectives from the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigators from the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office arrived at a meth lab at Fort Walton beach, they found more than a few Coleman fuel cans and empty Sudafed packets. They found an escape plan that would allow the meth cooks to detonate more than two dozen pipe bombs that protected the lab. The meth cooks had planned to one of several doors to make a quick escape out of lab and in to their secret bomb detonation area in a nearby wooded area. Their plan was designed to kill anyone, particularly drug enforcement agents, who discovered their secret meth lab operation.

Luckily, the detectives investigating the case discovered their plan and their lab without injury. But what if the lab or the pipe bombs had been discovered by children exploring the woods near their home or hikers on a nature walk found them before the detectives did? Nothing can stop that from happening except Continue reading