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Meth lab cooks compared to terrorists by Florida fire marshal

When detectives from the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigators from the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office arrived at a meth lab at Fort Walton beach, they found more than a few Coleman fuel cans and empty Sudafed packets. They found an escape plan that would allow the meth cooks to detonate more than two dozen pipe bombs that protected the lab. The meth cooks had planned to one of several doors to make a quick escape out of lab and in to their secret bomb detonation area in a nearby wooded area. Their plan was designed to kill anyone, particularly drug enforcement agents, who discovered their secret meth lab operation.

Luckily, the detectives investigating the case discovered their plan and their lab without injury. But what if the lab or the pipe bombs had been discovered by children exploring the woods near their home or hikers on a nature walk found them before the detectives did? Nothing can stop that from happening except Continue reading


Kentucky police back out of meth lab home in fear of massive explosion

When the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force tried to serve a search warrant at 290 Gasper River Road in Auburn, what they saw would have made anyone freeze in their tracks. Inside the residence, they found a meth lab with 16 gas cylinders that were five feet high containing several gallons of what they suspect was anhydrous ammonia gas. If the explosion potential of those tanks wouldn’t make you start stepping slowly backwards, what they saw next just might. Police also discovered what appeared to be an explosive device that was still in the process of being completed. And if that weren’t enough to make you say “whoa”, maybe what the meth cook was doing with the electric lines would. The meth cook, police said, had been stealing electricity from the Warren Rural Electric power lines by using an altered meter with the main cables Continue reading

Mobile Alabama police want text messages about meth

Mobile, Alabama residents can now text message tips to law enforcement officials, if they suspect anyone is using, selling, or manufacturing methamphetamine.

Beginning Thursday, May 29, 2008, people who observe suspicious activity are encouraged to text the word Meth to 839863 (“TextMe”). The message sender will then receive a reply back, requesting information about whether they are reporting a deal, a meth lab, or someone purchasing meth ingredients. A follow question requesting the location of the crime will also be asked of the sender. Law enforcement says the sender’s information will remain anonymous.

Source: “Text messages to alert authorities about meth” May 29, 2008

Meth lab mobile home explodes in Tift County, Georgia

A Tift county man was air lifted to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, after his mobile meth lab home located at 145 Pines Drive in Ty Ty exploded in to flames.  Police found evidence inside the home that confirmed that the explosion was caused by cooking the ingredients used to make methamphetamine. A cleanup team was sent to the scene after the fire to decontaminate the area.

Source: “Trailer explodes in Ty Ty“, by Angie Thompson, senior reporter,

Washington police bust entire family for making meth

On Friday, May 23, 2008, Police arrived at 612 S.W. Utah St in Camas, Washington home for the second time in 7 years. Neighbors had alerted police, this time, that there were strange odors coming from the home. It was 6 a.m., when police arrived at the home with a search warrant in hand. It didn’t take long for police to discover that the odors that neighbors complained about were not the aromas of cheap coffee brewing. The occupants had just made another kind of pick-me-up that had nothing to do with caffeine. Continue reading

The sale of meth lab homes in Ohio may be changing

Councilwoman Christine Croce has introduced legislation that seeks to provide some protection to home buyers. She wants anyone who owns a home or rental property that was once used as a meth lab to record that information on a city form, a form that would be given to a new buyer. If her legislation gets passed, selling a meth lab home without disclosing that information to a buyer would be considered a first-degree misdemeanor. The crime would be punishable by a maximum of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Source: “Green tackles meth lab property legislation“, May 27, 2008

Meth lab explodes home in Centerville, TN

A meth lab explosion in Centerville, TN resulted in Johnny Harrington going to the hospital. He is listed in critical but stable condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. After the explosion, neighbors reported they saw Johnny running from the home, screaming in pain and begging for someone to help him. One neighbor said that his eyelids looked like they had been burned off in the explosion.

Neighbors reported that they never suspected that Johnny was making meth in his home. One neighbor said he wouldn’t have recognized that smells coming from the home were those produced by cooking of meth. Police reassured him by saying “you’d know it, if you smelled it”. Witnesses reported that the back door and windows blew out and the roof lifted off of the home. Police who arrived at the scene warned onlookers to stay away from the scene in order to protect their own health.

Police report that once Harrington has recovered from his burns, he will be removed from the hospital in hand cuffs. He will be charged on the suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine. What will happen to his home? Will it be sold as a foreclosure?

Source:, “Meth Lab Explosion Injures Hickman County Man“.