Meth lab cooks compared to terrorists by Florida fire marshal

When detectives from the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigators from the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office arrived at a meth lab at Fort Walton beach, they found more than a few Coleman fuel cans and empty Sudafed packets. They found an escape plan that would allow the meth cooks to detonate more than two dozen pipe bombs that protected the lab. The meth cooks had planned to one of several doors to make a quick escape out of lab and in to their secret bomb detonation area in a nearby wooded area. Their plan was designed to kill anyone, particularly drug enforcement agents, who discovered their secret meth lab operation.

Luckily, the detectives investigating the case discovered their plan and their lab without injury. But what if the lab or the pipe bombs had been discovered by children exploring the woods near their home or hikers on a nature walk found them before the detectives did? Nothing can stop that from happening except citizens who are willing to report anything they know about a meth lab. The dangers surrounding meth lab are as great as any terrorists attack that can maim or kill innocent people.

“The criminals who make meth are the equivalent to the makers of any terrorist bomb anywhere in the world. These labs are a threat to the lives of first responders as they try to keep us safe and win the war on drugs.” – Tom Gallagher, Florida State Fire Marshall

Let’s face it, meth cooks are in “business” to feed two addictions, meth and money. Both addictions fuel behavior that threatens our health and safety and that of children in every city and town across America. The same two threats that ended over 3,000 lives on September 1, 2001 and destroyed the lives of thousands of others is the same threat we face today from the meth drug problem in America. Meth labs and meth distributors are terrorizing communities, not only in Florida, but in every state in the U.S.

As a member of your community, you have two choices: do nothing and be part of the problem or do something and be part of the solution. One person CAN make a difference!

Take action and protect your family and your community:

Meth labs pose the same two threats that Americans faced when the terrorists blew up the twin towers on September 11, 2001. I agree with Tom Gallagher, meth lab cooks are terrorizing communities, not only in Florida but they pose a threat in every state in America.

Report your suspicions about meth labs in your community to your local police or state police departments or go to the DEA website and submit a tip. DO NOT, under any circumstances, approach a meth lab. Meth cooks will do anything to protect themselves from being arrested for manufacturing meth including killing you, if necessary.

Find out if someone in your neighborhood is wanted on meth charges by visiting the DEA website.


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