Washington police bust entire family for making meth

On Friday, May 23, 2008, Police arrived at 612 S.W. Utah St in Camas, Washington home for the second time in 7 years. Neighbors had alerted police, this time, that there were strange odors coming from the home. It was 6 a.m., when police arrived at the home with a search warrant in hand. It didn’t take long for police to discover that the odors that neighbors complained about were not the aromas of cheap coffee brewing. The occupants had just made another kind of pick-me-up that had nothing to do with caffeine.

Inside the home, police found a hot plate, still warm to the touch, and a freshly made batch of methamphetamine. The family was “at it” again. Seven years earlier, they had arrested members of the family, who had been sent to jail for the crime. Now, out of prison, they were at it again, cooking the meth they needed to feed their addiction to the drug.

Neighbors made thumbs up and high-five gestures to police as they drove away from the home with Richard Climenson, 67, Pamela Elaine Kelly, aka Pamela Climenson, 50, Aaron W. Kelly, 37, Jennifer Eck, 27, Donald Eck, 55, Steven Climenson, 23, and William George Schaefer, 35 (lives at 14007 N.E. 14th Circle). Bail has been set at $20,000 for all but Steven Climenson and Willliam Schaefer.

Occupants of the home, police say, were obtaining the ingredients needed to make meth by “smurfing”. Smurfing is the act of buying ephedrine based products from several pharmacies, to avoid making any one pharmacy suspicious. Being able to get the ephedrine by smurfing is exactly why some states, like Oregon, have made ephedrine based products only available by prescription.

Washington police say that a prescription only law on ephedrine products would stop smurfing in their state. Additionally, they say it would also help to curb ephedrine drug purchases from Oregon’s meth cooks. As it stands now, meth cooks from Oregon simply have to drive across the state line to buy ephedrine based products.

Source for this story: “Police raid meth lab at Washington Home“, By Justin Carinci and John Branton, policeone.com

Drugs, like methamphetamine, bring violence, crime, and health dangers to communities all across America. If you suspect that someone is making meth in your neighborhood, one anonymous call to police, can help to protect not only your family but the meth addicts themselves.

An addiction to meth is a “deal with the devil”, in my opinion. They can’t win. Until and unless, they quit the drug, it WILL kill them. Serving time in jail is a life saving sentence for many people. In the case of this family, it proved to only be a temporary solution, as the drug pulled them back to using it again. It demonstrates just how addictive meth really is. Meth addicts are willing to pay any price to use the drug, even if it includes jail time, even if it means they will die from it. This is a truly a sad story of a family whose lives have been ruined by meth.


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