Meth lab explodes home in Centerville, TN

A meth lab explosion in Centerville, TN resulted in Johnny Harrington going to the hospital. He is listed in critical but stable condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. After the explosion, neighbors reported they saw Johnny running from the home, screaming in pain and begging for someone to help him. One neighbor said that his eyelids looked like they had been burned off in the explosion.

Neighbors reported that they never suspected that Johnny was making meth in his home. One neighbor said he wouldn’t have recognized that smells coming from the home were those produced by cooking of meth. Police reassured him by saying “you’d know it, if you smelled it”. Witnesses reported that the back door and windows blew out and the roof lifted off of the home. Police who arrived at the scene warned onlookers to stay away from the scene in order to protect their own health.

Police report that once Harrington has recovered from his burns, he will be removed from the hospital in hand cuffs. He will be charged on the suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine. What will happen to his home? Will it be sold as a foreclosure?

Source:, “Meth Lab Explosion Injures Hickman County Man“.


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