Renters in Denver turn home in to a meth lab

A Denver, CO woman got a lot more than rent money, when she rented her home to a used car salesman and his mortgage broker wife, and 7 year old child, according to an article published on

“Before my kids leave for school, I drink a cup of coffee and meditate for an hour. This inward-looking time puts me into a current in which life is less effortful, less a race, less scary; I become calm, and full of certainty about everything . . . until the phone rings, and it’s my 17-year-old. He’s in his car in front of the rental house, and there are a lot of police. And a hazmat vehicle. Sheets of plywood barricade each window. Doors padlocked.

Goodbye, quiet certainty. Hello, fear and struggle. I arrive to find a man, crouched down on one knee, facing the front of the house, writing on bright red and orange cardboard notices. Lengths of “Denver Police Line, Do Not Enter, Crime Scene” lie in tangled heaps on the grass. The letters DEA are emblazoned on the back of his jacket.”

She now faces what thousands of homeowners face when they rent their homes and apartments to people who use their property to make methamphetamine. Whether you are the renter of a property or you are the person who is renting your property to someone else, the toxic by-products produced by a meth cook will change life as you know it. Linda King, the woman who wrote the story for the Denver Post, is now faced with the financial consequences of decontaminating her rental home. I publish this blog for innocent homeowners like her and my son in the hopes that it will help teach others to avoid the financial and health consequences of meth lab homes. You can read Linda’s story called “Disasters and Little Surrenders” in the article she wrote for the Denver Post by clicking here.


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