What is your child learning about Meth in school?

Teaching kids about the real world can help them learn in a meaningful way about themselves, others, and the world around them. But, teaching them how to make meth doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Yet, it is what one student told her mother she learned in school.

“I was really upset when my daughter had come home and said ‘mom we learned how to make meth today in school,’ ” said parent Teresa McCutcheon. “My jaw just kind of dropped and I said, ‘what?’ ” Teresa McCutcheon found it hard to believe what her daughter was telling her. She wanted to see for herself, so she demanded and got a videotape of that class.”

When the McCutcheon complained to the Elma school Superintendant, he said, “We’ll look at this, but we stand pretty firm in that this is an educational tool. The schools have been very receptive to it in years passed.”

Source: In-class Meth demonstration angers parent, Author Keith Eldridge, published August 31, 2006, http://www.komotv.com

Suggestion to parents: If you don’t know what the drug program in your child’s school is teaching your child, it’s time to start asking questions! Talk to your school Superintendant, school principal, health teacher, and your child to find out exactly what your child is learning about meth and other drugs in your school district. Otherwise, you may come home someday to find that your home has been contaminated by meth, when they try making meth just the way they learned how to do it in school!


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