Paster and school bus driver arrested for meth lab

An Arkansas pastor and his wife, a school bus driver, were sent to prison on Monday for cooking methamphetamine in their home at 2424 S. 26th St, in Rogers, Arkansas . When they go to prison, they will leave behind their 16 year old son.

Joseph Sisneros, 44, had been the pastor of the Fellowship Baptist church, which had been closed. His wife, Barbara Sisneros, 42, was still working as a school bus driver for Rogers Public Schools.

Police discovered a complete meth lab at their home, after following up on their frequent purchases of pseudoephedrine products between November 2006 and February 2007 in area drug stores. When questioned by police about their drug use, they told police they were injecting about a half-gram of meth everyday. Previous to their meth use, they said they used diet and sleeping pills.

Source: Couple sentenced to prison for Meth Lab, The Morning News – Local News for Northwest Arkansas, May 12, 2008


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