Contaminated Meth lab homes still being sold in Colorado

What happened to my son is still going on in many areas of the country, which is why I keep trying to get the word out! What happened to my son could happen to your son, daughter, grandchildren, or you if you don’t do some pre-investigation.

If you expect real estate agents, lenders, and government officials to tell you about it before you buy it, it’s time to stop trusting others and start protecting yourself and your family.

Find out if the home you want to buy or rent was a meth lab BEFORE you sign on the dotted line!

  • Ask local police if there was ever a drug bust in the home or apartment.
  • Call you local health office too and ask them what they know about the property!
  • Look for signs of a former meth lab in the house and on the surrounding grounds!
  • Talk to the neighbors about the homes previous occupants.

Just yesterday, CBS4 reported that some Coloradans may not know they are living in former meth lab:

“Some Coloradans may be living in a home that once contained a drug lab and not even know it. As part of a year-long investigation, CBS4 News has obtained, through open records requests, governmental lists of properties that contained methamphetamine labs that were never cleaned up. CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger found people living in homes that may still be contaminated with meth. Governmental agencies failed to inform them, and unscrupulous homeowners sold the properties without warning the buyers.There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of homes in Colorado that once housed meth labs. State law requires homeowners to conduct the cleanup, but CBS4 collected lists of hundreds of former meth houses that haven’t been cleaned. Sallinger started knocking on doors.” – Read the full story on


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