Texas meth: $11,000 of meth found in storage shed

Police in Lufkin, Texas acting on a tip from an anonymous caller, drove to Chestnut Drive to investigate a complaint about strong chemical odors coming from a residence there. When police arrived, they found a shed behind the home complete with surveillance cameras attached. With search warrant in hand, officers entered the shed and found a stockpile of methamphetamine worth over $11,000. They also found hundreds of pseudoephedrine pills and all of the equipment needed to manufacture methamphetamine. They also found a .357-caliber handgun inside the house. What they didn’t find were the meth cooks. Not right away, anyway.

While still conducting the search, 39 year old, Bradley Bell, and 33 year old, Denisha Swearingen, drove up to the home, where they were questioned by police. Bell and Swearingen were both arrested at the scene on charges including possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and possession of chemicals used to make a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance. Bell was also charged as a felon in possession of a firearm.

If you suspect the manufacture of methamphetamine, call the police! DO NOT investigate the situation on your own. Call your local police and tell them about your observations and concerns. Police are prepared to confront meth cooks, most of whom, are armed and dangerous. Your anonymous call to a law enforcement agency will save the health and lives of the innocent people in the neighborhood surrounding the lab. Remember – meth labs go hand-in-hand with violence, toxic poisons, explosions, risks to health, and death. Giving a tip to police will save lives and help keep neighborhoods safe for men, women, and children who deserve to work, live, and play in safe neighborhoods.

See the full story of this bust on Lufkin Daily News. Com


One response to “Texas meth: $11,000 of meth found in storage shed

  1. Wow! I knew that girl and used to kick it with her sisters years ago. Too bad she chose to live that life. As is said, You reap what you sew.

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