Clandestine Meth Lab tied to WV Teacher

With a search warrant in hand, police in Roane County, searched the trailer of the son of a West Virginia school teacher, who resided on her property.  During the search of the trailer, police discovered stained coffee filters and glassware, which are common items found at clandestine labs.  Further investigation by the police of a dirt road close to the trailer, revealed a burn pile and a suit case containing materials used to manufacture methamphetamine.

As in the Texas story, police didn’t find the suspects on the property when they arrived. Neighbors reported that they witnessed people running from the trailer shortly before they arrived. Police left the scene without an arrest, but they returned later with a search warrant for the Wanda Sheets, the Elkview Middle School teacher’s home.

When police entered Sheets’ home, they found her son Robert and a blue duffel bag behind the home, containing materials used in meth labs. They also found another male, John Michael Wesley, hiding in brush close to the trailer. Both Robert and Wesley were arrested on charges of running a clandestine meth lab. Robert’s mother has not been charged, as it is unknown at this point, if she had any knowledge of what her son was doing. Police are still investigating the situation. Robert and Wesley will have a hearing on May 8th, but are currently being held at the Central Regional Jail. Kanawha County school Superintendent Ron Duerring said he was not aware of the incident.

For more info about this story, visit Charleston Daily Mail. Com

Meth cooks are not “typical” types. Many meth users are professionals and/or famous people that you would never suspect of making or using methamphetamine. This teacher may have known what her son was doing while she was at work teaching middle school kids. Or she may have known nothing about it. But, whether or not she knew, she will now be responsible for paying for the decontamination of the trailer and and surrounding grounds that have been contaminated by the by products of meth manufacturing. If she honestly didn’t know what her son was doing, my heart goes out to her. Her son will likely spend time in jail and she will bear the enormous expense of the cleanup, because her son decided to make meth.


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