Meth labs are on the rise in Arkansas

Meth labs are increasing in Arkansas, just like they are in TN. What troubled me about this video is that Sheriff’s department was surprised about it. Law enforcement agencies need to realize that the Combat Meth Act is not the answer to the meth problem in the U.S. It’s a much bigger problem that goes far beyond the boundaries of America. The ingredients needed to make methamphetamine are still available to meth cooks who are being supplied by drug smugglers from Mexico. The Combat Meth Epidemic Act signed in to law by President Bush on March 9, 2006 becameĀ  effective on September 30, 2006. Although it is a step towards curbing the manufacture of meth, it is just a small step towards combating a much larger problem.


One response to “Meth labs are on the rise in Arkansas

  1. The truth is, meth labs are on the rise almost everywhere and they’re a whole lot harder to detect. Cooks have begun buying precursor chemicals in bulk, and they also started using the “one pot method,” reducing cook time by 75%.

    Anyone that thought curtailing supply was going to end this problem was under just one illusion of many in the “war on drugs” supply-side strategy.

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