Lansing Michigan meth lab explosion

A Meth Lab explosion in Lansing, Michigan proved that meth labs and explosions are no April Fools Day joke! When neighbors heard an explosion and came outside to investigate, they saw the home at 1402 Lansing Avenue engulfed in flames. They also saw the man who lives there running from the home with one of his pant legs on fire. He has been listed in serious condition at a nearby hospital. Thankfully, the three children who had been living with the suspect and his girlfriend were not home at the time of the explosion. His girlfriend was reported to be uninjured.

When police and fire fighters arrived it was already too late to keep the fire from spreading from the porch to the second story and attic. The fire department reported that both apartments in the building were destroyed. They were able to find the ingredients used to make methamphetamine though, both in the attic and outside of the home. Pictures on the Jackson Citizen Patriot website show police examining a back pack outside of the home. Police reported that they had been watching the home for illegal drug activities. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make an arrest before the explosion that put lives and property at risk in the neighborhood.

The owner/landlord of the house said that the couple had been evicted from the apartment and were supposed to move out on the day following the fire, April 2nd. Luckily, the first floor was unrented, so it was vacant at the time of the explosion and fire. As for the landlord, his property has been condemned by the fire department and the fire chief said it will likely be demolished.

See pictures of the home and read the full story called “Meth lab suspected in Lansing Ave. Fire” on the Jackson Citizen Patriot website.


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