Kalamazoo Michigan child goes to hospital for meth exposure

Thanks to a family member of a Kalamazoo Michigan 4 year old girl who was admitted to the hospital for breathing problems, the meth lab that put her there will be out of commission. Two days after the girl was admitted to the hospital, a family member told child protective services they thought her problem was due to a meth lab in her home. When child protective services arrived at the home, they found her mother in a bedroom beside an active meth lab.

The girl’s home is the home of her grandparents where she lived with her mother and her 7 yr old brother. Her grandparents told authorities that they thought their daughter’s 27 year old boyfriend was making meth in the home. He is currently out of jail on bond for a previous meth charge, which probably explains why he was not at home when protective services arrived. New charges for manufacturing Methamphetamine will be submitted to the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s Office for review. The little girl’s grandparents must now face the financial consequences of paying for the clean up of their “meth lab home”. Sadly, the children may continue to suffer the health consequences of the meth lab toxins they’ve been exposed to.

My thoughts…

If the grandparents thought the boyfriend was making meth, why wouldn’t they have done something to stop it from happening?! Were they directly benefiting from the money obtained from the sale of the meth that he was making? I doubt that they realized the health risks that they, their daughter, and their grandchildren were facing. I can’t imagine that any normal/loving parent or grandparent would risk the health of the children they love for the sake of money. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, but it’s awfully difficult for me to understand why they would allow a meth lab in their home. Sad. It is sadder still for the 4 year old and the 7 year old who will lose the home they were living in and in all likelihood they will be placed in foster care too. Although, it’s better for them to be with a responsible and loving family, it is still a sad situation that they will be ripped away from their families because of meth.

See the whole story on the Kalamazoo Public Safety website.


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