Backpacks being used as travelling Meth Labs

Backpacks are now being used as portable meth labs, according to WSBT Channel 2 in Indiana. I don’t think I’ve heard of anything more stupid or dangerous that this method. Strap a backpack on your back full of mixed chemicals that are highly explosive? What are they thinking?!!!

Here’s an excerpt of WSBT’s story:

Chemicals are placed in a backpack that’s usually kept outdoors or in a car. It then becomes a mobile lab to make meth. “Backpack labs are becoming much more common,” explained Trooper Jason Faulstich, a meth suppression officer with the Indiana State Police. “Because of the new method they using, it’s called the ‘one pot,’ they can combine everything in a backpack, carry it around, put it in their cars and drive around while it’s cooking, and then disperse it from there.” He says this new process is very dangerous. It involves using volatile chemicals that, mixed wrong, can self-detonate and cause an explosion.

Similar setups have been found in Marshall as well as Kosciusko counties.“In Marshall County we’ve been battling this problem for a while now. We’ve found numerous backpacks along the roadways, out in wooded areas,” Faulstich said. “In Mentone, Friday, Mentone PD conducted a traffic stop. They recognized the items as meth lab-related items. That subject had entire active, full going lab.”

In that traffic stop in Mentone on Friday, police found an active meth lab in the car. They also found a cylinder containing anhydrous ammonia. It’s a key ingredient for making meth.

Read more about the backpack meth lab problem in WSBT’s story called “Police in several counties seeing more backpack meth labs


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