Book: American Meth

American Meth is authored by Sterling Braswell, a 1987 Texas A & M graduate, who has researched and written about meth for the last 4 years. Braswell, like so many others, has experienced first hand what meth can do to someone you love. Braswell was married to a woman who was unable to overcome her meth addiction. His book talks about his personal experience, but it also provides readers a glimpse of the meth lab problem in the U.S.

Here’s an excerpt about the book from Amazon:

“According to the DEA statistics, approximately four percent of all Americans have used clandestinely manufactured methamphetamine. In the 1960s and 1970s millions of mainstream Americans used and abused prescription amphetamines; today, anyone with a stovetop, a beaker, and a little know-how can make its derivative, methamphetamine, with chemicals purchased at the hardware store and pharmacy down the street.”


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