Autism and Meth

My youngest grandson, who will turn 3 years old in September of this year, is lagging behind others who are his age. Although he is very intelligent, he doesn’t speak. His pediatrician is concerned that he may have autism and he wants him tested by early intervention services. The cost of the testing is $500, which is more than they can afford because of the expenses they’ve incurred cleaning up their meth lab home. I got layed off from my job in mid January, so I can’t help them financially either. Words can not express the frustration that I’m feeling right now.

So far my son and his family are in debt for $8,500 for the materials and labor involved in the cleanup. Once all of the work is done, he will then pay an additional $1,600 to get it retested. All of their expense has been caused because the former owner used their home as a meth lab. My son and his wife didn’t know that when they bought the home in 2004. Agencies, authorities, the bank, and the realtor never disclosed that information to them. Their story is the story of too many people in America and it is the reason I have started this blog. You can read their story by clicking on the page link at the top of this page.

The former owner of the home my son is cleaning up, is currently serving time in an uncontaminated jail cell on meth drug charges.


2 responses to “Autism and Meth

  1. I have a son with autism. They can contact their local school to get help.

  2. Thanks Jessica. I will definitely let them know! Hopefully, the school in their area can help them. It’s a very small town in rural TN. Do all schools provide screening for autism across the country?

    Update: February 23, 2008

    Thanks again Jessica! My grandson is going to be tested by the school system in early March at no cost, because the evaluation fee is not covered under my son’s health insurance plan.

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