Utah observes National Methamphetamine Awareness Day

For the second year running, Utah County will observe National Methamphetamine Awareness Day on Nov. 30.
Methamphetamine Awareness Day comes in the midst of “End Meth Now,” a 10-month campaign that began in September to provide treatment and information about methamphetamines to Utah County citizens. Methamphetamine abuse is the leading problem for women entering treatment programs at the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse. The Division of Substance Abuse program admitted 1,200 women for methamphetamine abuse treatment in the last five years. That is 25 percent more than men, although twice as many men enter drug treatment overall, said Richard Nance, director of the Division of Substance Abuse.

In Utah, women of child-bearing age are major users of methamphetamines. According to research, women with young children tend not to seek treatment because they are concerned about taking care of their children.

Read the full article at BYU. edu


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