IMPORTANT! This legislation could help owners of meth lab homes!

Democrats are hard at work to help combat the methamphetamine problem in America. Naturally, I am particularly interested in what they are doing to help the innocent home owners who unknowingly bought homes that were used as former meth labs. If you’ve been reading this blog from the start, you know that the reason I started it was to see if I could a) get assistance for my son and his family and b) help other families in their situation. It appears that at least the Democrats are listening to the needs of American taxpayers and working to do what’s right for the innocent homeowner / victims of the meth problem in America! How long will it take for this legislation to go through is anyone’s guess. My fear is that the bill will get killed before it gets approved. Please write to your senators and representatives to let them know that you support this bill!

Here is an excerpt of the bill from the Democratic Policy Committee website:

Despite the success of current programs, more work is left to be done. The reduction of domestic meth labs has only increased the demand for Mexican-produced meth. While funding for border control aimed at stopping drug smugglers has increased over the years, more funding and smarter strategies are needed to further secure our borders and reduce demand for meth. (DOJ, National Drug Intelligence Center, National Drug Threat Assessment 2007, October 2006.)

Senate Democrats are committed to comprehensively combating illicit methamphetamine abuse and production. The Senate-passed Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Bill, Fiscal Year 2008 would provide additional funds for meth-related law enforcement programs, which were left under-funded by previous, Republican-controlled Congresses. If President Bush does not veto the 2008 CJS bill, which he has threatened to do because of increases to state and local law enforcement programs, the bill would provide:

more than $2 billion for the DEA, which includes funding to address meth usage;

approximately $660 million for the COPS program, which includes funding for the meth hot spots programand tribal law enforcement;

nearly $30 million for the Indian Tribe Assistance program; and

approximately $660 millionfor the Byrne/JAG program, which more than 80 percent of counties surveyed in a NAC report said is vital to the continuation of their anti-meth programs. (NAC, “Methamphetamine: Local Law Enforcements Role.”)

Further, numerous measures have been offered in the 110 Congress by Senate Democrats to combat methamphetamine abuse and its consequences, including:

designating November 2007 as “national Meth Awareness Month,” to increase awareness of methamphetamine abuse; <

the Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act of 2007, which would impose increased prison terms on those who market illegal drugs to appeal to children;

theCombat Methamphetamine Act of 2007, which would enhance regulation requirements for sellers and persons dealing in certain listed chemicals used to produce meth;

the Crime Control and Prevention Act of 2007 which includes the Methamphetamine Production Prevention Act of 2007improve methods of tracking the purchase of legal chemicals used to produce meth;

the Family-Based Meth Treatment Access Act of 2007, which would improve meth addiction treatment services for pregnant women and parents;

the Treatment and Prevention of Methamphetamine Abuse Act, which would, in addition to enhancing meth addiction treatment services, improve post-treatment resources for recovering addicts, support efforts to aid the children of addicts, and promote meth abuse prevention programs;

theMeth Mouth Prevention and Community Recovery Act, which would promote awareness in the general public and the medical community about the impact of meth abuse on dental health and treatment;

the Native American Methamphetamine Enforcement and Treatment Act of 2007, which would clarify that territories and Indian tribes are eligible to receive grants for confronting the use of methamphetamine.

the Methamphetamine Remediation Research Act of 2007, which would establish guidelines for decontaminating former meth lab areas; and

the Federal Emergency Meth Lab Cleanup Funding Act of 2007, which would authorize funding for state, local, and tribal agencies and others to clean up former meth lab areas.

As these and other measures proceed through the legislative process, the nation can be assured that Democrats will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to aggressively address and end methamphetamine abuse.

Click here to see all of their methamphetamine efforts on the Democratic Policy website!


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