Idaho reports people must live in meth lab homes

The has reported that some residents are purposely moving in to meth lab homes, before they have been properly cleaned and tested. Many people, they say, have moved in to the former meth labs, because law enforcement agencies were not reporting the residences as contaminated to the state. The law enforcement agencies said they were not aware, until recently, that they were supposed to do that. Other people are moving back in to homes, knowing they are contaminated with meth, saying that they have not choice but to move back in. They say they have no where else to go.

“Keeping people out of a former home meth lab until it’s been cleaned up has been difficult, in part because the Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Act puts the onus on property owners to make sure homes remain unoccupied.

In Columbia Village on Boise’s eastern border, a home raided in April 2006 was almost immediately reoccupied by its 35-year-old owner. The woman, who told the AP Friday that her boyfriend is now in an Idaho prison on a drug conviction, asked not to be named in a story out of fear the state could evict her if it learns she’s living in the home.

She said she wants to clean up the house, but lacks the money.

“If I lived somewhere else, I’d have to pay rent plus mortgage,” she said.”


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