November 2007 designated National Methamphetamine Awareness Month

The U.S. Senate designated November 2007 as National Methamphetamine Awareness Month’ to increase awareness of meth abuse. During the month of November they are encouraging citizens to educate others about the dangers of meth. Now, I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen one television commercial or news item designating November as Meth Awareness Month and it’s almost the end of the month! By chance, I found the information while I was surfing the internet tonight on The Library of Congress website.

We can all help spread the word about the problems not only about meth use and abuse, but also about the problems that meth is causing to innocent homeowners and their children. But, don’t just do it because the government has designed November Meth Awareness Month! Do it to help yourself, you family, your friends, and the innocent victims facing the devastating financial and health effects of unknowingly buying or renting a former meth lab home. If you feel this site has helped you to understand the meth lab home problem better, please refer others to it, so they can learn more about the problem too. Until we get the government to help the innocent homeowners with funding, we fail to provide assistance to the innocent victims of the meth labs problem.


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