If you test positive for meth, would you lose your job?

A reader of this blog wrote to me and brought up an important issue; testing positive for meth. She said that her husband, who was in the military, tested positive for meth. He, she says, would never use meth. But, what if you’re living in a home or apartment that was used as a meth lab by previous occupants and you test positive for meth at work? What if you don’t know you’re living in a former meth lab? How do you explain to your boss that you don’t know why you tested meth positive? Could an innocent home buyer and renter lose their job over failing a drug test? People lose their jobs everyday because of failed drug tests.

How much will innocent home owners and renters have to pay financially and healthwise before the government does something to help them? State and federal governments need to step up to the plate and do what’s right – stand up for innocent Americans! We are sending Americans to die to protect the innocent people in Iraq and spending a trillion dollars to do it, yet we are willing to let innocent Americans lives be destroyed? The thought leaves me speechless. It’s just wrong, very wrong.

Thank you Lori for bringing up a very important issue that we all need to be aware of!


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