Tennessee Meth Lab Busts in the News

Clandestine meth labs are alive and well in Tennessee.

August 6, 2007 – Clinton, TN — “Two men who had been living in a tent and allegedly making meth inside it had to be decontaminated before they could be jailed, Anderson County deputies reported. Ammonium nitrate and other items commonly used in making the illicit drug were found in and around the tent, according to reports. Both men were charged with making meth and the initiation of the meth-making process, according to arrest reports.” – excerpt from KnoxNews

Here is another story of an innocent victim that was posted by the Knoxville Journal. This elderly woman will be responsible to pay to have her home decontaminated just like my son.

August 6, 2007 – “Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested three individuals Aug. 6 for making methamphetamine in an elderly woman’s basement. The homeowner, an elderly woman related to one of the arrestees, gave the officers consent to search her home. Elkins said that officers found two large gas generators, coffee filters, pseudoephedrine pills, empty pill blister-packs and other evidence that meth had been cooked in the basement. “This was going on in her basement and she had no idea this was going on,” Elkins said.” – excerpt from the Knoxville Journal

A routine traffic stop ends in an arrest involving the manufacture of methamphetamine.

“On July 17, 2007 Deputy Blaine Lewis stopped a car on New Center Rd. in Sevier County driven by Nick Burkhart from Thorngrove Pike in Knoxville. Deputy Lewis arrested Burkhart for driving on a revoked driver license and discovered the components to manufacture methamphetamines in the vehicle. The Sevier County Meth Response Unit was called to the scene along with the Tennessee Meth Task Force.” – excerpt from Seymour Herald. Com


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