Meth Lab Homes in South Carolina

South Carolina, September 2007 – “Since 2001, nearly 900 meth labs have been discovered in South Carolina — in houses, motel rooms, apartments, sheds and private vehicles, according to local law enforcement officials and federal drug agents. The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control doesn’t know where all the state’s meth sites are. And it doesn’t tell the public about the ones it does know about.”

Unlike many other states, where environmental departments take a much more active role, DHEC:

Doesn’t know where all the sites are; there is no formal communication about meth sites between DHEC and local sheriffs and police, who do know where the sites are

Doesn’t warn the public even when it does know of a site

Doesn’t clean up meth lab sites itself, nor does it hire specialists to clean up sites

Does no site inspection after a site has been cleaned up by others; the state has no standard for what constitutes a “clean” site.

State Rep. Joan Brady, R-Richland, said DHEC should act to protect and inform the public.

Read the full article at: Savage Meth | Day 3: Hidden Time Bombs by John Monk and Adam Beam –,

Thanks to a Meth Lab home reader for this article referral!


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