Meth Lab Homes in Iowa are a growing problem

“In 2003, federal, state and local authorities seized more than 1,100 Iowa labs, and the number of labs seized increases each year. These labs are discovered in houses, apartments, motel rooms, motor vehicles, and even an occasional combine. Since meth labs are an emerging problem, there is currently no official federal guidance or regulations on how to clean up a former meth lab.”

“In Iowa there is no tracking method or general listing for homes that were used s meth labs. You should call your local law enforcement agency to inquire if he property has ever been used for the manufacturing of meth. If a meth lab did exist, the hazardous material contractor should have information on what
chemicals were present on the property. ” – excerpt from article published by the Iowa Department of Health

Meth Lab home cleanup guidelines in Iowa. May be used as a general cleanup guideline no matter where you live. Check with your local authorities or google for info about your state’s cleanup recommendations.


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