Shark Sighting: Realtor and Insurance Circle Games

When life throws you overboard, you do your best to keep your head above water just to survive. It’s stressful, tiring, and consumes your thoughts during every waking moment. But, when when you notice shark fins beginning to circle you and your family, your stress level multiplies to a whole new level. It’s what I thought when I heard the latest update to my son’s story. What he told me reminded me of how sharks behave when they start circling their prey.

Sharks are expert hunters, who instinctively know when their prey is vulnerable to an attack.

In the last 2 weeks, the events that have happened have been amazing to me. They have reminded me that when you’re in a vulnerable situation, you need to recognize it. You also need to recognize that there are people who may use your vulnerability to take advantage of you. Here’s an account of what’s happened. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the sequence of events that have happened was part of an attack plan. You can decide for yourself.

  • Realtor creates a donation fund to help defray the cost of cleanup for my son’s family home. Realtor says the fund is going to the real estate company that she works for.
  • Realtor writes an article that tells my son’s story and gives readers information about the donation fund and tells them how they can donate to it. Local newspaper publishes the story. The fund’s address is listed as a p.o. box.
  • A week later, my son is notified by his insurance company that his homeowner’s insurance will be cancelled in early October. They have deemed his home “uninhabitable”. They have been insuring his home since 2004.

This is the first shark bite. The bite increases the stress level my son and his wife feel.

  • About a week after my son receives the cancellation letter from the insurance company, the realtor calls him with “the good news”. Someone just walked in to her office and said they would buy his house “as is” , sight unseen.

It was the first glimpse I saw of the shark fins that were beginning to circle around them.

  • Realtor informs my son that the buyer backed out of buying the house.

Another shark bite inflicted to increase their stress levels.

  • Realtor only corresponds with my son and his wife through email. Realtor is never “in the office” when they call, so they leave a message for her to call them back. Then they call her again and leave a message. And again. And again. She emails them instead.

Like a shark diving deeper in to the ocean to move out of sight. It leaves you wondering when it will come back and how it will behave when it comes back.

  • My son and his wife called the owner of the real estate office, where this realtor works. They relay the events that have occurred and the owner responds by saying that she knew nothing about everything that has happened. She says she will speak to the realtor about her actions and tell her to call them.

At this point, we’re wondering “is she telling the truth”? Did she really not know what was going on or was she part of a larger group of sharks who was leading the plan of attack?

  • The realtor finally calls and my son’s wife questions her about the donation fund, the buyer, the newspaper article, the insurance company, and the lack of contact from her. Realtor reacts by getting angry and defending her actions.

Confronting the realtor is like punching a shark in the nose. Initially, they may try to react by biting you before they realize that you are going to continue to fight for your survival. Because when you’re getting attacked by sharks that have already bitten you, you can’t stop defending yourself. If you do, they will get you. Even when you’re exhausted by the physical and emotional stress of keeping your head afloat, you have to find the strength to fight back. Your survival depends on it.

  • My son and his wife tell the realtor that they don’t want her to handle the sale of their home. The realtor responds with an angry acceptance of their decision.

The punches to the shark have scared the circling sharks away for now. Will other sharks show up? We are hoping that they won’t but we are getting better at recognizing the signs that sharks are near by.

How do things stand now?

  • My son’s homeowner’s insurance policy is set to cancel in early October. He is required by the mortgaging bank to carry insurance on his home, putting him in a situation where he now has to find someone to insure him or get the house certified clean by then.
  • To date my son and his wife have not received any news about the donation fund that was set up for them. Have any contributions been received by the fund? Where are the funds being held when they are collected? No one seems to know except the realtor and she hasn’t told my son or his wife yet.

Stay tuned for further updates. Please feel free to tell us what you think or offer your suggestions. We think that by telling our story, we may be able to use the Internet as a tool to get this story out to the media and politicians and others who can help us and so many others across America who are facing the same kinds of problems that we are. We hope that you or anyone you know ever ends up having to deal with a situation like ours, although we know that so many others across America are dealing with the problems of unknowingly buying a home that was used as a meth lab. Thanks for your help. God bless.


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