Salt Lake City Utah: Meth Lab Homes

KSL TV 5 reported in May 2007, that there are more than 250 homes in the Salt Lake area alone that were once used as meth labs. They decided to ask the people living inside them now, if they knew that they were living in a meth lab.

“Did you know in 2002 this was a meth lab?” we asked one homeowner. She didn’t know. Salt Lake resident Katie Pratt said, “I’m really surprised. I’m shocked right now.” She says she would’ve run from the deal. Another Salt Lake County resident, Jamie Alkinani, said, “We had no idea when we bought it.”

Their investigation also reveals that even if a house is declared cleaned by the county, that may not be the truth. You may only discover that you are living in a former meth lab when you start having health issues that you may pass off as a common headache or the common cold.

“We started out investigating Utah’s lax disclosure laws on meth homes. Once a contaminated home’s been certified as clean, no one has to say a thing about it. But then we discovered that in some of those so-called clean homes, residents were complaining about headaches, coughs, and other symptoms.”

You can read the complete story on


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