When Your Neighbors Operate a Meth Lab

Who lives next door to you and what are they doing? If they’re operating a meth lab, you and your children may be living dangerously. People who make methampetamine “cook” a mixture of chemicals as part of the process of producing the meth drugs they consumer and /or sell to others. The ingredients they use are not only highly toxic, they are highly explosive. If you smell something strange coming from your neighbor’s house on a regular basis (and I don’t mean what they’re cooking for dinner), and you see people coming and going at your neighbor’s house regularly, you may want to talk to some other neighbors about it and see if they’ve noticed the same thing.

Neighbors can be a good thing or a bad thing. They can help keep their neighborhood a safe place for families to live in or they can make them a dangerous place to live in. Communication is vital to keeping a neighborhood safe. Talk to the neighbors that you know and trust, if you suspect that someone in your neighborhood is making methamphetamine.

“Various meth recipes include combinations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), corrosives, metals, solvents and salts. Some of these chemicals include acetone, starting fluid, Freon, hexane (Coleman fuel), methanol, toluene, white gas, xylene, anhydrous ammonia, hydriodic acid (iodine), hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), phosphine, sodium hydroxide (lye), sulfuric acid (drain cleaner), iodine, lithium metal, red phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, and sodium metal. Making meth with these chemicals can result in explosions, chemical fires, and the release of toxic gases.” – excerpt from the Minnesota Dept of Health



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