Meth Addiction: Some Call It An Epidemic

Although reports about small meth labs say that they are on the decline, usage of the drug appears to me to be going up. But, what do meth addicts do when the source of the drug they “need” can’t supply them anymore? What happens when the supplier gets busted and goes to jail? I assume at that point they have two choices, find a new supplier or make their own. In rural America, finding a new supplier may not be an easy thing to do. Let’s face it, people live miles away from each other and finding another drug supplier isn’t as easy as living in a big city. The easiest thing for them to do just might be to make their own. You don’t have to be a chemical engineer to make methamphetamine. Directions about how to make meth are plentiful and the ingredients are cheap and easy to obtain, according to the research I’ve done so far.

“It can be produced at home with items that you can buy in your supermarket. And it’s devastatingly addictive,” – Texas State Senator Leticia Van De Putte

According to an investigative report done by CBS in Austin, TX , “Methamphetamine is now considered the fastest growing illegal drug in America. The use of methamphetamine has exploded so much in both production and illegal drug use, some are calling it an epidemic.” An epidemic? Who is addressing the epidemic? And if no one is addressing the epidemic, why aren’t they?

The report also comments that “America’s kitchens, hotel rooms, body shops and even daycare centers transformed into toxic waste dumps using allergy and cold medicines, and other chemicals to make meth. ” I wonder how many people have children who have stayed in daycare centers where meth has been made? How many people have stayed in hotel rooms that have been used as a meth lab? Knowing that it cost thousands of dollars to clean up a meth lab site, how many of the owners of those day care centers and hotels are cleaning them up voluntarily? I’d bet my last dollar that less than 10% of them would spend the money voluntarily to protect other people, even if those people are children.

But, what if the government had funds available to help those who ended up with property that became contaminated by someone making meth in their building? I’d wager my last dollar (see I don’t think that I’d lose it on the first bet) that there would be far fewer contaminated buildings in America then. There would also be far fewer adults and children being exposed to the toxic chemicals produced when someone uses a hotel room, a daycare center, an apartment, a home, and so many other places where people eat, sleep, play, and relax. So, why isn’t the government doing it? For the same reason that independent property owners don’t, “it’s all about the money”. Yet, we can spend billions of dollars on a war with Iraq that no one thinks we should be involved in. Where are America’s priorities?


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