The Meth Problem In Tennessee

The availability and demand for methamphetamine continues to increase throughout Tennessee. Much of the methamphetamine consumed in the state is transported from Mexico and the Southwest Border area. Clandestine methamphetamine labs can be found anywhere in Tennessee and are encountered almost daily by law enforcement.

Tennessee accounts for 75 percent of the methamphetamine lab seizures in the Southeast.

These facts are a stark contrast to the problem of a few years ago. The labs that are discovered in Tennessee are generally characterized as small and unsophisticated, and it is the product of these labs most often encountered and seized by law enforcement. These clandestine methamphetamine labs pose a significant threat because lab operators are frequently armed and are substantially involved in the drug’s distribution.

Southeast Tennessee has seen a significant increase in the activities of structured Mexican methamphetamine trafficking groups. These groups control much of the methamphetamine distribution in the Chattanooga area. Command and control for these Mexican organizations are frequently found in the Dalton, Ga. area. In addition, there is anticipation of an increase in methamphetamine use in Tennessee as the drug gains popularity over crack cocaine use.

excerpt from the DEA website


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