How to Buy a Meth Lab Home

Hoping to buy a new home to make a better life for your family? In America, all things are possible, they say. If you work hard and get a good education you can live the American dream. But, what happens when your dream home turns out to be a former meth lab? Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “why on earth would I ever buy a home that was used as a meth lab?” Because, you may never be told that your dream home was used as a meth lab by its former owner.

If you’re thinking that the law requires that information be revealed to you before you buy a new home, think again. And if you buy your dream home and find out later that it was used as a meth lab, guess who has to pay to get it decontaminated? You do. When it comes to buying a new home, buyer beware.


One response to “How to Buy a Meth Lab Home

  1. I am considering buying a TN home which has state certification that it has been decontaminated. Wallboard, flooring, CHA ducts, vents, light fixtures, refrigerator, and stove, were all removed and replaced. I was not allowed to view the home prior to certification of clean up. The certification will be part of the documentation presented, together with the deed and platmount. The home history as a meth lab and subsequent decontamination was disclosed at the onset by the RE broker. The county building codes dept. is aware that the home has been decontaminated and approved for occupancy. When I arrived to look at the house, a neighbor across the street yelled “You know this was a meth house.” I was able to reply, “I know all about it.” TN has by far the most federally guided meth lab cleanups. This is a good thing. There should be clean up assistance/homeowner’s insurance for those who have been victimized by lab operators who have contaminated their homes,whether they are uninformed buyers, landlords, or non-occupying organizations holding title to such properties. It is not right that they should be made to bear the costs of clean up, as toxic environments affect the health and welfare of the whole community, particularly the effects on children who have occupied these homes.

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