Why do I have to show a photo ID to buy cold, allergy, and sinus medicine ?

pseudoephedrine-logbookShowing a photo ID is required for anyone buying cold, allergy, or sinus medicines, as a result of the Combat Meth Act 2005, a federal law enacted to keep products containing pseudoephedrine out of the hands of meth lab cooks. Pseudoephedrine is an ingredient essential to the manufacture of methamphetamine, an illegal drug that has been found in every state in America.  The Combat Meth Act 2005 was signed in to law by President Bush in March 2006, in an effort to combat the meth problem that is devastating communities in America.

Anytime that you buy a product containing pseudoephedrine, a record of your purchase is recorded either on a paper form or on an electronic form.

Electronic forms of recording pseudoephedrine purchases are quickly replacing paper records in communities across the U.S.  Electronic forms of tracking the sale of pseudoephedrine enable pharmacies to get instant access about what buyers are purchasing and in what quantities. Buying more than the legal limit of pseudoephedrine is an indicating factor that a buyer may be making the purchase of  the cold, allergy, or sinus medicines to make methamphetamine or to supply it to someone else who is making meth.


One electronic program that is being used is called MethCheck, an electronic database developed by Appriss Inc.

Kentucky, corporate home of Appriss, Inc,  was the first state to begin using MethCheck to keep track of the purchase of pseudoephedrine products. By 2008, MethCheck was expected to be used in at least 7,000 pharmacies in 43 states.

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