West Virginia Senators Gear Up To Pass Pseudoephedrine Prescription Law in 2012

West Virginia Senators are gearing up to pass a pseudoephedrine prescription law in 2012,  a law that they failed to pass earlier this year. On March 2,  2011,  West Virginia’s House of Delegates overwhelming approved a PSE prescription law with a vote of 77 – 23.  But, eight days later, the Senate shot down the passage of a pseudoephedrine bill with a 16 – 16 tie vote, a tie vote that many believe was swayed by the strong lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical industry.

Supporters of a PSE prescription law, including members of West Virginia law enforcement  and Senator Dan Foster( D-Kanawha), a Charleston surgeon, hope that a prescription pseudoephedrine law will get approved in 2012.




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