West Virginia: Senators fail to pass pseudoephedrine prescription law

West Virginia Senators failed to pass a pseudoephedrine prescription law last Wednesday, despite testimony from 50 state troopers who supported HB2946 and despite the bill’s passage by the House of Delegates (77-23), during the previous week. The bill was killed in the Senate by a tie vote of 16 – 16, leaving the state without an effective means of keeping pseudoephedrine out of the hands of meth makers.

Thus far, only Oregon and Mississippi have passed pseudoephedrine prescription laws, but their success in reducing meth labs in undeniable. Oregon passed their law in 2006 and witnessed a 90% reduction in meth lab busts. Mississippi who passed their pseudoephedrine prescription law in 2010, reports that meth lab busts in their state have dropped by 70%, since the passage of their law. Unfortunately, West Virginia Senators opted not to implement a similar law in their state, which continues to have a rising meth lab problem.

The West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board advises, “If you suspect someone is operating a methamphetamine lab in your neighborhood, do not go near it call the police. Once the lab is shut down, the officer in charge should notify appropriate government agencies including the WV DEP at  (304) 296-0465.”


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