Meth exposure has sickened children warns stepmom

Meth exposure can take a heavy physical and psychological toll on children. This letter to Meth Lab Homes highlights some of the serious effects that meth exposure has taken on 4 children and on the family now caring for them.

Dear Meth Lab Homes,

“Thank you for posting this site!! I am a step parent to 4 children that have a meth abuser mother and the youngest almost died at 6 months old from the meth. He has many problems with memory, it takes him at least 10 seconds or so to even answer questions and also just looks at you with a blank expression…so frustrating.

He is 11 now and I have been there step mom for over 7 years now and we have been thru many neurological testing, hearing tests and so on.He is also on an IEP because he has a hard time with normal everyday things.He also at this age can not be alone in the bathroom or take a bath alone with the door closed because he has hallucinations that something is going to get him. He will be 12 in February. The children times before would also come home from summer vacations having to always go to the doctors and need inhalers and so on.Please help me keep my sanity!! We are raising 7 together.

I want to thank you so much again for having this site because others need to know!”