Meth hurts children

Thank you for posting this site!! I am a step parent to 4 children that have a meth abuser mother and the youngest almost died at 6 months old from the meth. He has many problems with memory, it takes him at least 10 seconds or so to even answer questions and also just looks …..Read More


You have a wonderful site here!!!

Kirk Flippin Texas Decon

I would like to commend you on a great site. Your site continues to be one of my daily visits, thanks for your work.

Meth inspector

I am an inspector for the Albuquerque Police Dept. Over the past year we have tested properties where meth has been used or meth has been present, not manufactured, and in many cases the contamination levels were as high or higher than the meth lab properties. Meth labs are horrible and need to be stopped, however, people …..Read More

Nina R

Wow. Your website is an amazing resource and will be very useful for the public. It’s a tremendous public service. Thank you for your efforts.