“Hello, I have been thinking about investing in a rental house, and stumbled upon your website while researching. This is a real eye opener, and has made me think twice. Thank you for your hard work with this matter.” ~ Stacey

“Thank you for all you do to educate the public about meth and meth labs.  People don’t realize how prevalent and dangerous they are and we need more education and more advocacy to get laws passed and enforced.” ~ Amy Parnell

“Thank you for posting this site!! I am a step parent to 4 children that have a meth abuser mother and the youngest almost died at 6 months old from the meth. I want to thank you so much again for having this site because others need to know!! ~ Stepmom

“I was telling some other colleagues of mine about your website and how interesting all your articles are. I would love to speak with you for your podcast. I really think its a great thing you are doing just by bringing the awareness. I am in the business of decontaminating these labs so they are safe to live in. It truly breaks my heart that no one is held accountable for these homes and they just let innocent people move into them without telling them the truth.” ~ Laura Spaulding, Spaulding Decon

“I like your blog. I have read most of these articles posted, quite frankly, I am sadden by these unfortunate events. This makes me mad at the realtors, which were unforgiving and uninformative, are not responsible for selling Meth Lab homes to their respective clients. I don’t understand people: are people so eager to get a buck at the expense of others? The law and officials are so unhelpful; they seem to have a smug attitude toward the innocent victims. As if they owners should have known that their homes were already infected, with residues and toxins from the previously constructed Meth Labs. Thank you for sharing this blog. I am sorry for your son and his family.” ~ JD Haas

“I wanted to thank you for your website. It’s a great outlet for all kinds of meth-related information.” ~ Bill Coye, APEX BioClean LLC

“I have visited your site often in the past year while educating myself on the dangers of exposure. Much gratitude for starting the site. ~ Tamara

I felt so bad for your family and others who have been through that, and I do believe reading your website is a major factor in my decision not to take chances on ending up in that situation.  Thank you for putting that information out there!” Most sincerely, BeverlyH.

“I took a moment to read through your site and you’ve done a beautiful job. Your story is heartbreaking. We hear similar (and even worse) stories every day. It’s the hardest part of my job. Not only are home owners unjustly paying for cleanups, but as you’ve noted through newscasts, many states don’t require decontamination nor disclosure.” ~ Julie Mazucca, Meth Lab Cleanup Company

“I just wanted to send you a few lines to thank you for the great information on this site. I have used it now a few times for research on work projects (I run a blog on radiation and chemical safety). Thanks again for getting this important news out there.” ~ Jordan

“THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ! ! When I found your sight and actually e-mailed you is when everything came together in my head. I think until a couple of hours ago, I was in denial. Not wanting to move (nice house, neighborhood, good older neighbors all around, SAFE and close to my job). Besides speaking to neighbors in passing, I have no one to lean on – so just by giving me the opportunity to e-mail you w/out knowing if I would hear back, made me take action. So please know you did a great service to someone very much in need. Bless you ! ~ Name withheld due to current housing status

“I just wanted to thank you for the helpful information you gave me :) Hopefully I can get this taken care of soon it seems like i have run into one brick wall after another.But I think I’m on the right track now and again. Thank you very much. ” ~ Name withheld due to current housing status

“Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for starting this website. As a toddler, my father brought me into meth labs that he operated. That was 43 years ago. He was still making meth in 1991, and wound up going to jail for shooting his best friend in a meth induced rage.  I have chemically reactive asthma and pulmonary sarcoidosis, even though I’ve never been exposed to asbestos. I believe its from the meth lab chemicals. I’m an adult, and a screenwriter, and while I have no memory of those days, I do still have lingering lung problems.” ~ J.D.

“Thanks for your help I will get the test and then call the health Department.” ~ L.B.

“Thank you for your initiative in creating this website. In 2006, my husband and I went through the same experience as many highlighted in your site. We are still dealing with the financial and emotional consequences of irresponsible actions of sellers. When our story was brought to the media, we couldn’t find too many information online about what to do. We thought about creating a website like yours when we found your site. We are glad for your initiative. Unfortunately there are still too many people in this country and in the world unaware of meth homes. ” ~Paul and Cynthia Halliday

“Thanks for great resource!” ~ Patricia Abney, Rapid Reponse BioDecon, Inc.

“Wow. Your website is an amazing resource and will be very useful for the public. It’s a tremendous public service. Thank you for your efforts.” ~ Nina R.

“I am an inspector for the Albuquerque Police Dept. Over the past year we have tested properties where meth has been used or meth has been present, not manufactured, and in many cases the contamination levels were as high or higher than the meth lab properties. Meth labs are horrible and need to be stopped, however, people need to be aware chemical contamination occurs when the drug is used or is present for long period of time. Thank you for your efforts to inform people!”

“I would like to commend you on a great site. Your site continues to be one of my daily visits, thanks for your work.” ~ Kirk Flippin, Texas Decon

“I just wanted to send you a few lines to thank you for the great information on this site. I have used it now a few times for research on work projects (I run a blog on radiation and chemical safety). Thanks again for getting this important news out there.” ~ Jordan