Stomach pain, nausea, dry eyes, loss of taste and smell, and vomiting cats

“I have had the worst year in my life. One day about a year ago I suddenly began to feel nauseous and had doubling over stomach pain and nausea. My two cats were gagging and vomiting. I had a sense of the most horrible smell I could ever have imagined and still can’t describe in any way what it smelled like.

I do recall when it initally happened I said it smelled like wet dirt but then my ability to describe the smell stopped but the odor stayed with me for nearly 4 months. I lost my sense of taste and smell. During the last year I have seen 5 different docs about this and have taken a score of medical tests which produced nothing and no diagnosis. The tenant upstairs had been a concern of mine for a year before this and during the time of this horrible odor things were odder….he was up late at night…I heard lots and lots of water running, sounds of metal clanking and he was running and running and running from his bathroom to his kitchen area. I called the landlord and said I thought he had a washing machine up there.

Then about March of this year a thick reddish brown substance began to ooze from my air conditioning vents. Just about that same time my eyes began to burn and felt as if I had debris in my eyes. I went to an eye doc and was told I have chronic dry eye and I was put on a prescription eye drop for that. However, each time I see fresh substance running from the vents and down my walls my eyes flare up even with the drops.

Then also about March management sent out notices to everyone to be more quiet on second floor because the floors are paper thin and everything upstairs can be heard from downstairs. After that notice was sent out all the strange activities from my upstairs neighbor stopped. Just this week I began to wonder if he was making meth or are all the issues I have been concerned about just a series of unrelated circumstances. Would love some answers.”

Meth Lab Homes Comment:

If you take medication, call your pharmacist and ask him/her if any of your medications could be causing the symptoms you’ve been having. I know someone who lost their sense of taste and smell after being on a strong antibiotic. Some medications can also cause dry eyes.  However, that doesn’t mean that something else isn’t causing those symptoms. I just though I’d mention that, so you can try to determine what’s making you sick, especially since doctors aren’t giving you any answers.

Ask the landlord to do a walk-through of the apartment to make sure your upstairs neighbor is not doing something illegal. Call the local health department and tell them about the odor, the substance oozing out of your AC unit, and the health problems that you and your cats have been having.  Tell them that you need them to send someone out to your apartment to test the air quality in your apartment and determine what’s oozing out of your air conditioner.

You might also want to call the EPA (click on the link for your regional office to view contact phone numbers) and CDC ( 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) ) and speak to someone that works for those agencies for further guidance about your situation. Whatever you do, DON’T confront your neighbor about it. If they are a meth user and/or are making meth confronting them would only put your safety at risk.  People who are high on meth can be highly unpredictable and violent.


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