Stains appearing on painted walls in old house


We moved into an older house and cleaned a ton as the previous owner had a lot of big dogs. We also painted everything, but after a while there are stains coming through the paint that look like some sort of liquid oozing down the walls.

It seems like it may be a chemical agent but we have no idea.

Any ideas? Is this potentially a bad thing?


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    In an older home, the stains coming through the paint could be alot of things. The only sure way to find out if the house was a meth lab is to have it tested. But, before you spend money to do that, you could call the local police department and ask them if they have any record of drug activity at the house. You can also call the health department to find out if they have any records about the house too. Neighbors are also a great resource to ask about what the previous occupants were like.

    Some suggest spraying some spray starch on the wall. If the starch turns purple then it may indicate the presence of meth lab chemicals, but a clean up contractor told me that only works “sometimes”, as other chemicals can react with starch too. And the starch method only works with one of the methods used to make meth.

    If you get any indication from the police, health department, or your neighbors that drug activity went on in the house, I’d definitely get the house tested.

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