Oklahoma: Police find methamphetamine in million dollar home in Nichols Hills neighborhood

(video) Oklahoma: Police discovered methamphetamine in a Nichols Hills home, valued at just under a million dollars. Buyer beware.

(video) Part II: A former meth cook advises Oklahoma legislators to make pseudoephedrine a prescription

(Video) Robert Tinkle, a former meth addict and meth cook advises Oklahoma legislators to make pseudoephedrine a prescription drug if they want to put an end to the state’s meth lab problem. He spent over 23 years in prison for manufacturing meth and other drug-related crimes. Tinkle’s testimony includes an inside look at meth labs, which …..Read More

A Former Meth Addict Educates Oklahoma Legislators About Meth Addiction (video)

(Video) A former meth addict talks to Oklahoma state legislators about meth addiction during an interim study about pseudoephedrine and meth labs that was held on October 3 – 4, 2011 at the Oklahoma State Capitol Building.

TN meth cook set up meth labs in some very nice neighborhoods (video)

Thinking about renting or buying a home in Tennessee? Don’t judge a house by its cover! Meth can be made anywhere, including some very nice homes that are located in some very expensive neighborhoods. Before you buy or rent, have the home tested for meth,  even if the seller or landlord gives you no indication …..Read More

New Mexico Senate Hearing on Air Quality and Children’s Health (Video)

Video: During a New Mexico Hearing on Air Quality and Children’s Health, Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) questioned Dr. Donna Upson of the American Lung Association about whether air pollution contributes to breathing problems. Upson’s response suggests that air pollution aggravates asthma and can creates respiratory health issues. Although the discussion focuses on outdoor pollutants, what …..Read More