Lakeville MA Meth Lab Bust Sparks Meth Lab Disclosure and Cleanup Concerns

Meth lab bust in Lakeville, MA raises concerns about meth lab disclosure and meth lab cleanup.

Georgia Landlords Arrested After Finding Meth In Their Rental House

Georgia landlords, Michael and Channel Keeley, who told police they found 8 bags of methamphetamine hidden in a bathroom wall in a rental home were placed under arrest on Sunday. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, three people who were renting a home from the Keeleys were arrested on meth charges on October 2nd. After …..Read More

Punta Gorda Florida: Police find a meth lab in vacant home before owner sells it

Florida: A vacant Punta Gorda home, scheduled to be sold on Friday, was the scene of a methlab bust on Thursday morning. A call about a possible burglary in a vacant home located east of 37591 Washington Loop Road led to the discovery of a methlab, early on Thursday morning. When deputies arrived at the …..Read More

Georgia: Child’s asthma flareup tied to meth labs buried under rental home

Georgia – Billy Jack Goodwin and his family had only been living in their rental home for two weeks, exactly the same amount of time that his daughter began experiencing more problems with her asthma. Goodwin recently discovered why – someone had dug out an area under the house to use as a hidden meth …..Read More

Ohio: Cuyahoga Falls City Council Passes Cost of Hauling Away Meth Lab Chemicals to Property Owners

Ohio: The Cuyahoga Falls City Council is passing the cost of hauling away meth lab chemicals on to property owners, who are already required to pay thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, to decontaminate their property.  According to Police Chief Tom Pozza, property owners are Tlikely to get billed somewhere between  $1,000 …..Read More