Pennsylvania meth cook used cave to make $1 million in meth

If you enjoy hiking and exploring caves you may be at a greater risk from your fellow man than you are of wandering bears. According to a recent report by the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, the Northwestern PA Task Force found a meth manufacturing operation that was housed in a man-made cave on his property. If his house gets sold, new home buyers should be aware that the grounds surrounding the home have been contaminated with meth chemicals. The Gazette report doesn’t mention any contamination found inside of his home, but if I were buying the house, I would definitely have the house tested for toxins.

Police allege that the meth cave was being run by 62 year old, Rockne K. “Rocky” Barber Sr., 62, of Stoneboro, Venango County, the owner of the property.  Task force members estimate that Barber’s underground operation netted him about $1 million in drug money over the last 4 years. Police have arrested 23 people who were involved in the manufacture and distribution of the drug that they believe supplied meth users in Venango and Mercer counties.

Source: “Meth lab hidden in Vernango County Cave”, Pittsburg Post-Gazette, 9/12/08,

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