Motel And Hotel Methlabs: Costs and Risks In A Nutshell


“When you get into hotels where it’s one night stay, where it’s quick cash, lower cost rooms, that’s where these people are going to come to. That is where they will congregate.The motels have to rent out to people, that’s what they’re in the business for. They do their best to ensure who the people are when they come to the hotel, but they cannot foresee these kind of operations are going to go on in the rooms. Not only does the hotel owner responsible now for clean up, reestablishing, refurbishing the rooms, you add the danger of every person who was inside the motel at the time of the fire. “

~ Richmond County, Georgia Narcotics Sergeant Allan Rollins, commenting after three meth labs were found in motels in the the Augusta, Georgia area in one week.

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