Brunswick Ohio methlab cleanup ordinance would unfairly punish innocent property owners

Brunswick, Ohio landlords, property owners, and vehicle owners will be handed the bill for removing meth lab chemicals and equipment, in addition to what is cost to decontaminate their property, if a new ordinance gets passed by the city council. The cost of hiring methlab clean up contractors to remove the chemicals and equipment left …..Read More

Ohio: Cuyahoga Falls City Council Passes Cost of Hauling Away Meth Lab Chemicals to Property Owners

Ohio: The Cuyahoga Falls City Council is passing the cost of hauling away meth lab chemicals on to property owners, who are already required to pay thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, to decontaminate their property.  According to Police Chief Tom Pozza, property owners are Tlikely to get billed somewhere between  $1,000 …..Read More

West Virginia: Boone County Career and Technical Center to remain closed pending meth clean up

West Virginia:  The Boone County Career and Technical Center, which was closed on July 22nd because of meth contamination, does not expect to reopen to students by the start of the new school year on August 22, 2011. The West Virginia trade school, which tested positive for meth residue earlier this summer, is not expected …..Read More

Tennessee Methamphetamine Vehicle Title Legislation: What you should know

Tennessee motor vehicles that have been used to make meth will have “methamphetamine vehicle” added to their title, if Senate bill SB 0266 becomes law. According to the bill, any law enforcement agency that impounds a vehicle that was used to make meth, will have to report that vehicle to the department of revenue within …..Read More

Indiana meth lab clean up money from DEA grants end

Indiana: Meth lab clean up money that has been supported, in part, by DEA grants is expected to run out in just four months. It couldn’t come at a worst time. Meth labs are increasing across the Hoosier state. In 2010, Indiana had to pay for the clean up of 1,395 meth labs, an increase …..Read More