Missouri Homeowner Finds Evidence Of Former Meth Lab Hidden Behind Wall

Missouri: When Jenny Kyle and her husband bought their High Ridge home in 2008, no one told them that they were buying a former meth lab: their home wasn’t listed in a methlab registry and no one had been arrested for making meth in the house. But, Jenny Kyle and her husband discovered the Jenny Kyle talks with News 4 about her meth lab hometell-tale signs that someone had been making meth in the basement of their home, tell-tale signs that the police never noticed or mentioned on their reports – two iodine bottles stored high on a wooden stud in the basement and a bath tub and shower that was hidden behind a wall.

An investigation by News 4 revealed that the previous owner of the home was arrested in 2006 and was later charged in federal court for the possession of methamphetamine with an intent to distribute. He was never charged with making meth,  because the police never found a meth lab in the house, but the Kyle family believes that they have all of the evidence they need. Both Jenny Kyle and her son have experienced breathing problems, since they moved in to the house. Initially,  Jenny assumed that mold in the basement was the root of their health problems, but removing that mold has failed to remove their health problems.

The Kyle family has opted to walk away from the house, rather than pay the thousands of dollars that it would cost to have the home professionally tested and decontaminated. In the process, they will lose all of the money they have invested in to it, but it’s a loss they’re willing to take to save the health of their family.

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