Mississippi: Pseudoephedrine becomes a prescription drug

On July 1, 2010 Mississippi began requiring that consumers have a doctor’s prescription in order to buy pseudoephedrine; a popular drug among those who manufacture crystal meth. Oregon created a similar law in 2006, which they credit with a drastic reduction of meth manufacturing in their state.

Note: The actual number of meth labs in Mississippi is much higher than DEA reports suggest. The police are not required to report meth labs to the DEA, so all information is provided to them on a voluntary basis.

According to a 2008 DEA report,  methamphetamine has become the fastest growing drug threat in the state of Mississippi and is well on its way to replacing crack cocaine.  The agency also reports that meth manufacturing within the state is mainly being used and sold locally and it is responsible for generating more violent crime in neighborhoods across the state and putting the health and safety of residents, visitors, and first responders at risk. Methamphetamine that is not being made by meth cooks in Mississippi is being generated by meth suppliers situated in Southwestern states, who are receiving their meth supply  from Mexico, according to DEA reports.

Although the prescription-only drug law for pseudoephedrine in Mississippi should help the state to minimize the number of “mom and pop” meth labs,  it won’t eradicate the problem completely. DEA reports note that prescription forgeries, doctor-shopping, and supplies of pseudoephedrine coming in to Mississippi from Mexico can help drug addicts to circumvent prescription laws.

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