Meth Lab Statistics New Jersey

In 2008, the DEA reported that methamphetamine is the most available and widely used clandestinely manufactured drug in the Southern New Jersey area.

Methamphetamine traffickers are primarily of Mexican descent, with direct connections to violators in the western United States and Mexico. Methamphetamine availability has increased in the southern part of the state, allegedly due to the influx of Mexican suppliers.

Traditionally, methamphetamine production has been associated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, independent chemists, and Traditional Organized Crime. Currently, crystal methamphetamine use and distribution in New Jersey appears to be closely associated with members of the Filipino community. Filipino traffickers are importing large amounts of methamphetamine from Mexico and the Philippines. The methamphetamine is converted to “ice” in the Los Angeles area and then transported to the New York/New Jersey area via motor vehicle. The ice is also shipped through various mail and parcel services. Due to successful enforcement actions, the ice is now sent to states off the usual trafficking routes and then transported by car to the New Jersey area.

In March 2007, DEA New Jersey seized 75 pounds of “ice” that had originated in Mexico and was being transported to New Jersey through Rhode Island. This is the largest seizure of methamphetamine in New Jersey’s history.

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