Meth Lab Statistics Kentucky

Methamphetamine continues to be widely available in central and southeastern Kentucky. Primary suppliers of methamphetamine are Mexican DTOs, according the 2008 DEA report.

A decrease in clandestine laboratories/clandestine manufacturing in southeastern Kentucky is countered by importation of “ICE” methamphetamine from Mexico via the Southwest Border, Atlanta, Georgia, and Ashville, North Carolina. Independent traffickers travel to Atlanta and other major cities along the Southwest Border to obtain pound amounts of Mexican produced methamphetamine and smuggle it back into southeastern Kentucky via privately owned vehicles.

Small “Mom and Pop” and “Tweaker” operators continue to manufacture methamphetamine in small one to two ounce quantities for personal use and for distribution at the local level. Methamphetamine lab incidents in Kentucky decreased from 343 in 2006 to 261 in 2007 (as of January 2008).

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