Meth Lab Statistics Alaska

The DEA reported in 2008 that meth labs in Alaska have decreased by 87% over the last three years, which they attribute to the limiting of the precursor chemicals needed to make meth.

Meth in Alaska is either made in clandestine labs or imported in to the state.

Meth continues to be available in Alaska through shipments made through parcel services. Drug trafficking organizations in Alaska obtain the meth from locations in the lower 48 states.In 2003 Representative Jim Holm, Alaska State Legislature said that “Over the past four years, over ninety methamphetamine labs were discovered in Alaska. These labs were found in apartments, hotels, cabins, mobile homes, and even on boats. If left untreated, chemicals from “cooking meth” can be extremely hazardous and pose a serious threat for future residents, particularly children.”

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