Meth lab pictures for renters, realtors, home owners, home buyers

Renter, realtors, home buyers, and home owners often miss the signs of a meth lab, which may appear to look “odd” but not so odd that it sends up a red flag.  A word of advice: If you think something is odd, weird, or unusual, you should listen to what your gut is telling you. Ask questions and investigate the history of the home before you buy or rent it. Talk to the local health department, the local and state police departments, and the neighbors may help you to learn more about whether the previous occupants may have been meth users, meth cooks, or if a meth lab bust occurred at that address.

What you see inside and outside of a home may help you to identify a meth lab home, but you should keep in mind that many former meth lab homes have been “cleaned up” by their owners. Does the home appear as if it’s undergone a total rehab? Does it have new flooring, new rugs, new kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and new paint? Ask yourself “why is that”? Looking “new” is not a guarantee that a home is not contaminated by meth or meth lab chemicals. The only sure way to find out if a home is contaminated by meth is to have the home professionally tested.

*According to estimates by law enforcement agencies and meth lab cleanup contractors, only one out of ten homes where meth has been manufactured, have ever been discovered by the police. Buyer and renters beware!

Chemical stains on flooring

Chemical staining on walls and floors often result when chemicals spill during the meth cook.  Floors and carpets are often stained or damaged by meth chemicals that can include liquids such as hydrochloric acid. A former meth lab may also have brand new flooring and carpets, which can signal that the previous flooring was damaged because of meth lab chemical spills.

Fixer-upper buyers beware! Also, keep in mind that meth lab homes may look brand new and not show any of the damages you see in the pictures listed here. Unscrupulous sellers who buy meth lab homes at rock bottom prices often cover stains with carpeting and new flooring and paint walls to minimize any questions or concerns about the home from prospective buyers or renters.

meth lab chemical stains on hardwood floor


Burned grass or vegetation

Meth lab cooks may cook meth outdoors or burn empty pseudoephedrine packages or blister packaging for cold, allergy, and sinus medicines, to avoid raising the suspicion of anyone seeing the tell-tale meth signs in their trash. Cooking outdoors is remote locations in another way to avoid being detected by neighbors who may smell the chemicals they’re cooking. Cooking outdoors also keeps their homes from getting contaminated or exposing their children to the hazardous chemicals they’re cooking with.  If you see burn pits, stained soil or dead vegetation it may indicate areas where meth lab chemicals have been dumped.

meth lab burns grass

Kitty Litter

Kitty Litter is often used by meth lab cooks to soak up spilled chemicals.  In the first picture, a meth lab cook uses this kitty litter container as part of their meth manufacturing process. Tubing is commonly found at meth labs, where it is often connected to a variety of containers.


Do you see kitty litter in unusual locations? It could indicate that someone used it to absorb a chemical spill.



When someone is addicted to meth, meth is ALL THAT MATTERS.  The effect of meth on users makes it difficult for them to get organized and keep the kind of focus it would take to keep their house neat and tidy.

Renters who are using meth and/or making meth will try to avoid having their landlord come in to inspect their home, due to its condition and to prevent the landlord from seeing anything that might evoke questions.  Neighbors and other visitors are also avoided by meth lab cooks, for the same reasons.

Windows  are often  covered or blacked-out to keep prying eyes from seeing inside.


Living conditions in a meth lab home

bathroom of a meth lab home

living conditions in a meth lab home

Strange Plumbing

Strange plumbing, vent systems, and/or  electrical connections in a house should make you question why someone would have a plumbing, wiring, or electrical system like that in their house, basement, attic, or garage. Could the plumbing be installed to make it easier to dump chemicals without being detected by anyone outside of the house?


Could venting systems be installed in basements to vent out meth lab fumes? Are electrical outlets or wiring found in weird places?



The windows on basements and garages made be covered or painted to keep others from seeing what’s “cooking”. Exhaust fans are common, as well.


Police often find different types of glassware in meth labs, including glass bottles, jugs, and glass cooking containers.


Plastic Bottles

Meth cooks who use the “shake and bake” method, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, typically use commonly found plastic bottles to make meth. Water bottles, soda bottles, sports drinks bottles, juice bottles and other plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes are being used to make meth. Meth made in these bottles frequently explode causing fires and burn injuries to people in their vicinity.

This post was originally published on July 16, 2009.


  1. James says

    Meth is no joke and the folks who involve themselves with it need to be dealt with just as harshly as you would deal with a murderer! Meth is destroying communities not just the lives of the abusers, meth users are everywhere, they will steal from you, lie to you, rape you, murder you, it does not matter to them what they do to you, they are out of there mind! I am not religious but they become Demons when high on meth! They have to be destroyed at any cost, there should be absolutely no sympathy and no second chances for these folks, if you do not destroy these zombies they will destroy you!

    • sheila says

      Well James your way off base,you sound like someone who has had some very serious problems in his life. I suggest you get some mental help for youself before you end up hurting someone.Maybe your parents or your spouse or someone in your life must of been a meth user and tortured you and thats why your so hateful and feel the need to murder someone,so please for everyones sake get the help you need before you go on a murdering definitley arent a religious person. so good luck to you and yours.

      • Lee says

        Sheila, James did not say anything that made him sound “way off” base. If you have never experienced an attack by someone high on meth, or a loved one involved in this nonsense you would not know. Innocent babies do not deserve to be harmed and their parents do deserve to be destroyed if they continue to use meth. Sheila, it sounds as if you may be the one that needs the help as you took what James said and went on the attack against him. His voicing his opinion on criminal activity, where innocent people get hurt, killed, and properties contaminated, did not justify your bizarre attack on his mental state or character. He does not sound as if he would go on a murdering spree, but that he hopes laws will be instituted to stop those who use, make, and sale meth.

        • Learjet says

          Meth users need HELP,, not prison. For every meth dealer or user that gets locked up, there is a very long line of people waiting to take their place. Education is key and locking them up helps NOBODY. Addiction is a disease. Would you lock up a lung cancer patient for smoking cigarettes his whole life? To say they should be treated like murderers is completely ridiculous and naive.

    • EGON says

      Meth addiction is a disease– I believe in second chances, some people come recover from being “zombies” and some people do not. Meth users can and will hurt people, whether you are a relative or just a member of a community–keep in mind that anyone of us can become a meth addict. Lawyers, Doctors, Peace Officers, Moms, Dads, etc… it does not matter who you are because in the end SECOND CHANCES ARE THE ONLY THING THAT CAN HELP RECOVER THESE SOULS.

  2. L says

    I live in Peru,Indiana and I know of a bunch of people cooking Meth in my neighborhood and they have been doing it for about two years now. I have turned it into the DEA and emailed the Mayor but they won’t do anything about it. I even got ahold of the child protection service and they still won’t do anything. I think there are some cops involved in it too. I know the trailer that is right next to my house a ex- cop use to live there and he was cooking it because I could smell it when I walked outside. Now the guy that was living there went back to being a cop. I don’t know what else to do. I know it cause all kinds of sickness and I have a child that lives in my house and there are other kids in my neighborhood. Can anyone give me any advice I don’t have the money to buy another home. I really need help please.

    • says


      Try contacting the state police, the state Attorney General’s office, and/or the FBI and ask for their help in investigating what’s going on in your neighborhood. You are right to be concerned about the safety of the people in your neighborhood, especially the children.

      • JUDITH HARTMAN says

        I have the same problem as Peru. I have contacted County, State, even the Governors office, its been almost 4 yrs now since it began constant in May 2009. June/July 2011, police were notified because I finally found someone who could tell me what the smell was. I’m at the end of my rope. I live in an older drafty home and its like I’m in the room when they are making it, that’s how much that nasty smell has affected me, my home, its it my vehicle even. I live in between 2 homes that are suspect because I’ve seen activity of it, along with them actually smoking in front of my company and I, my company no longer comes over to visit much because of it. I don’t have the resources to go out and buy surveilance equipment needed to bust these jerks. So, do you have any suggestions? Also, does smoking cigarettes make the smell more amplified? Will burning wood cause it to be more noticable outside or is that wishful thinking? I have a woodburner now and I haven’t smelled it since but then again its only been a few weeks.

        • Kim says

          If you live in Indiana, you should call the Indiana State Police in Fort Wayne (260) 432-8661 or (800) 552-0976 (Indiana only) Any questions or concerns about meth can be directed to the Indiana Meth Suppression Section at (877) 855-METH.

    • clifford says

      I had a truck unloading boxes in front of my house amd being carried next door. The truck had 2 different license plates from 2 different states. I called the pd on this character and they didnt do anything!
      When i pointed out the plates; the cop began to stutter and was highly nervous.
      Thats when I contacted the state police and the dea.
      You have to stay with it. Because when one of these characters finds a safe place, more follow.
      A meth house is a hazardous waste area. And it effects your property values as well.
      There is always your familys safety to think about,so give them hell…..

  3. Pleasant Hill says

    I lived in a house that a slumlord rented. It was much like the pictures above.
    The landlord was supposed to clean before we moved in. He was so friendly.
    We saw several of his houses and they were all repulsive (our impression was that he bought some old houses and was fixing them up, like a public service.)
    This was in Cleveland, TN.
    The smell was disgusting. we couldn’t afford to move.
    NObody would help-the legal aid office said that landlords own the property and that’s the end of it.
    The one thing no one could figure out was the burned grass.
    You couldn’t walk across the lawn without your feet becoming blackened with what seemed like soot. Greasy soot. Is that the kind of residue which meth leaves behind?
    There were also some weird foil packages stuffed between the wall and the fireplace, and a cut off milk jug container hanging from the wall by a string. somebody said it looked to be used as a funnel.
    The pipes were all broke and none of the plumbing worked.
    We lived there our whole lease because if we’d have moved the landlord would’ve taken our deposit (he did anyway) and made us pay out the remainder of the lease.
    Should we be concerned having lived there-I have two small children. One was a baby at the time. is there something we should be tested for?

    • says

      Pleasant Hill,

      The house you rented sounds like it could have been used as a meth lab, judging by what you’re told me. The blackened oily grass that you mentioned could have been the remnants from meth cooks trying to burn the “wastes” from their meth lab. For every pound of meth that’s made, 5 to 6 pounds of waste has to be disposed of. Waste can include used coffee filters, lithium battery casings, containers from the chemicals they use, matchbooks, empty fertilizer bags, empty pseudoephedrine packets, etc.

      The cut off empty milk jug, hanging from a wall by a string, could certainly have been used as a funnel, which they use to pour chemicals from one container to another. Foil packages could be empty blister packs that once held pseudoephedrine pills, like those used in cold and allergy medications, like Sudafed.

      I hope for you family’s sake that you weren’t living in a former meth lab, although your descriptions give me reason to be concerned that it was. The only real way to know if the house was used as a meth lab is to have the house tested, although police records and talking to neighbors can often tell you alot about who lived in the house before your family did.

      As far as medical testing for your children and the rest of your family, you can talk to your family doctor and your children’s pediatrician. Keep in mind however, that they may not be familiar with testing procedures involving chemical contaminants found in meth lab homes. Locate a specialist in environmental medicine in your area, who are familiar with how chemicals affect health. You can do a search for a specialist in environmental medicine on the American Academy of Environmental Medicine website. Just select your state from the drop down menu to find specialists in your area.

      If you ever find yourself in that kind of situation again, have someone test the home that is certified by your state to test for meth lab chemicals. If the home is contaminated, then I don’t think there’s a judge in this country that would hold you liable to pay the landlord the remainder of your lease. If you find one that does, appeal the judgement and take it to a higher court. No family should ever have to live in what is considered to be a “hazardous waste site”!

      Pleasant Hill, I hope that all turns out well for you and your family. God bless.

      • Mike says

        YOu know what? In MO, the renter is always the victim. I had a set of white trash hoosiers in my Mom’s house renting, they absolutely DESTROYED the house, left before the lease was up, stuck me for hte rent, stole appliances, left the doors open and turned off the heat so EVERY SINGLE PIPE, TOILET, ETC froze solid, ripped up the floors, destroyed the carpet, holes in every wall, baseboards torn off, stairs bannister torn off, and you could walk across the back yard and not touch the ground on top of trash and garbage, left a vehicle in teh driveway with no wheels of tires and no engine and guess what? They are the victims, I’ve been told by the AG office that there is not a thing I can do. The cops I had out there to get a damage report REFUSED to even take one. As it turns out, one of the cops was this guys next door neighbor and his buddy.

        • Rayca says

          I had the same thing happen to me. Junkies rented my house. I ended up foreclosing after fixing the place up from the mess they made. Exactly as you described, Mike. However I took them to court to have them thrown out. They wouldn’t leave!! My attorney said it would be best if I “paid them off” instead of going to this trouble to have them tossed. Would cost me more that way. The renters said that’s what they wanted too. A down payment on a new place. Once they said that, I said no way. I went through the legal system. Cost me more time and money than just giving it to them but my integrity wouldn’t allow it. I had them legally banished from the home.

    • Rayca says

      Sue the landlord !! You have rights. He does NOT have the right to knowingly misrepresent his property. TAKE PICTURES. If he told you the place would be cleaned up and you present photos as you describe to a judge, even if he says he never agreed to clean it up, he would be laughed out of court. You can do this in small claims courts. Why didn’t you get your deposit back? SUE HIM for it. You need to show him who’s boss. He needs to know YOU ARE. Take charge of your life. Don’t let criminals (I mean the landlord) control you like that. Get documentation from online medical websites and your doctors for your problems. SUE HIM for any doctor bills PLUS anytime you use to go online and investigate this is BILLABLE TIME. SUE HIM for all of it. I guarantee you if you send him a letter listing all the things that you plan to present to the small claims court, he will return your deposit and then some. Put a lien on that home and any other home you know he owns, with pictures to prove your reason for lien. There are plenty of ways to scare these slumlords back to their rat holes. Use your head and stand up for yourself and your family.

  4. Victory says

    Tweakers renting the house next door in a nice middle class neighborhood in this small town about 50 miles from St Louis. People across the street bought their house and started remodeling, said they moved here wanting “someplace quiet.” I guess we are fortunate to live somewhere where police are involved. The one woman was handcuffed at the end of the street last week in broad daylight, her car (a complete junker) was impounded. She was back within an hour. Nothing seems to phase them. Children and Family Services are now here on an almost daily basis, the police on a weekly. They’ll be cooking tonite with various smells ranging from odor of paint thiner, dead skunk, and a really strange zoo like stench. Thank goodnes we just rent. I can see where this could ruin a town.

  5. says


    I’m sorry to hear that your neighborhood is being ruined by meth cooks. I am sorrier still to hear that children are involved in the meth lab home in your neighborhood. They are in serious danger and should be removed from the home, especially if the police feel that they are cooking meth in that house. As far as the release of the meth cooks, it’s doesn’t surprise me that they would get back to cooking it, soon after returning home. Addiction to meth doesn’t stop with an arrest, unless the addict gets help with their addiction problem, like they do if they’re required to attend a drug court program.

    Unfortunately, what is happening in your neighborhood is happening in neighborhoods all across the U.S, where active meth lab homes exist. Toxic fumes spread throughout the neighborhood (the smells you’ve noticed) and explosions both pose serious risks to the health and safety of the public, as well as to any current or future occupants of the home.

    Did your landlord provide you with a disclosure form that states that the home you’re renting from them was never used to make meth? One out of every five of the country’s more than 100,000 meth labs has been found in Missouri and Illinois, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Jason Dowdell and Michelle Dilorenzo are also from the St. Louis Missouri area. They bought a former meth lab home.

    • Kimmie says

      Thank you for that statistic. As a Hoosier I was feeling bad for Victory but found it a bit offensive that they felt the need to mention that the renters were white trash Hoosiers. People need to understand that this horrific epidemic (for lack of better words) has no racial, social, financial or any other boundaries. It is everyone’s problem. from the user to the innocent person looking for a place to call home for their family. I had a friend who learned she had bed bugs and was horrified when the exterminator told her that while they were hard to get rid of they actually carry no diseases and it’s not like her house had been a meth lab…. I understand what he was trying to relay to her. I would rather , heaven forbid, have bed bugs! We all have the potential to be a victim of this drug and the havoc associated with it.

  6. Little town says

    i just moved into a trailer that my boyfriends cousin lived in before us. they got busted for meth about a month ago. We had no idea that they were doing that stuff. Well i had no idea that the chemicals stay in the house after they get the labs out. i have a little baby and we have been in the house for about a week now, but i’m starting to worry. We cleaned the house really good but does that get rid of everything? Can you please give me some advise i’m scared for my childs health.

    • Mike says

      Suggest you get out of that trailer will never be fit to live in again infant especially at risk but the health of all of you are get out !

  7. anywhere says

    My brother in his first new neighborhood of brick garden homes the house two or three down the curved street one day fireman were there because there was a fire in that house. Basically there was so much drugs anc chemicals in it the Roof Blew Off, kapowii. Lucky for them they were able to sell their house and went to an old and established very fancy neighborhood to avoid such things hopefully again. The house the roof blew off about 100,000 of single US Dollar bills shot through the air and many neigbhors had a field day cleaning up the waste of dollars. So not only did those productive meth producers loose a nice house and $100,000.00 of cash but also probably went to jail on top of that. Crime does not pay.

  8. Candy O' says

    I like the way you spelled Kapowii!
    Beware of oily grass.
    My child and I both got hives. i think my LL purposely rented to meth-makers, but at the time i didn’t know it.

  9. N says

    Me and My family are buying a home and been living in it for about 7 yrs. Here lately, We have been noticing people in and out of a house across the Street in the middle of the night..One of the women that live there has nearly ran us over with her car and just looks crazy (not even human)..She has also went on a rampage outside her yard and took a baseball bat and just bashed her vehicle to death making animal sounds..and just this weekend a friend of mine (which is studing criminal justice) came and stayed the weekend with me and we had went out one night and gotten home around 1:30 am and she noticed a chemical smell and told me that in one of her classes they are learning how to recognize the signs of meth labs and thats one of the signs..tonite around midnite my dog is going crazy barking and I hear scuffing noises (which sounded like its coming from outside my house)when I look out the window I see nothing..about 5 min. later my dog is still going nuts and I look outside again and see a young guy walking from the direction of my house going to my neighbor’s house across the street..Is this enough stuff to get the police involved or do I need some kind of evidence..It’s kind of weirding me out cause I have 2 young kids and we like to sleep with our windows raised this time of year..but between the traffic flow in the midle of the night across the street and the chemical smell..I’m afraid too..What do I do?

  10. Richard says

    I lived in a horrible neighborhood on the north east side of Edmonton (in Canada) and the house across from ours, in the alley way, was a drug house of some sort, they also had three large vans which did not move, lined up in the back yard between the fence and the shed. There were always fires (contained) and their fence was topped with towels and cork board and all sorts of trash to prevent prying eyes. I saw the front of the house, and it looked abandoned. The backyard and side lots on either side (which were vacant, houses torn down) were filled with trash and shopping carts. The people who stayed there (never seemed like the same guys either) were constantly in and out of these vans and shed… this whole thing, while all i could think at the time was “drug users”, “losers” etc… seems to me like more of a MANUFACTURING lab! I sincerely hope these scum bags have been caught, we moved away but wouldnt mind swinging by the old hood and seeing if a tip to the po-po is in order next time i visit.

  11. joey says

    So i live in Eureka Ca, which is full of meth users and meth labs. I recently moved to an apartment and i hear this noise going of an on every night (mmmmmmmmmmmmm) it sounds like a machine turning off and on. I was wondering if that is a noise that might be from the process or if i am just paranoid? Can someone please help

      • Worried says

        I hear the exact same thing and on top Of that they have installed a sound masking system . Why won’t Police help. I have contacted them several times and they tell me to move. They don’t want the hassle. Fine I bet the FBI or DEA will.

  12. w says

    im a a 16 year old girl that has been threw my dad doing and making it with me and four other kids in the house while he was makin it with their mothers. i ened up with staff in my bones when he finally got busted thank god i was with my sisters’ mother when it happened or i would be sittin’ in jail too even tho i had no clue they were doing it

  13. Jeff Cox says

    My son was a meth addict in Florida. Unfortunately, I recieved a call informing me he committed suicide. I have since developed an attitude for users and cookers. I applaude everytime the police bust a lab. I have family members that reside in a busted meth home. My wife has been in this home. I will not enter under any circumstances. They do have youngs adults with babies in the home. I feel so bad for them all. It makes me so sad that they have decided to stay in the home. I have voiced my opinion with no avail. I guess some people just won’t listen to reason and or reality. The memory of my son will forever haunt me. Everyone, please help others help themselves before this happens to you. New Castle, Indiana.

  14. james says

    I’m an American living in New Zealand, here meth is called ‘P’ but the problem is just the same. We’ve recently moved into a home we suspect has been used for ‘p’ production. We found a burn barrel in back yard, the garage floor has strange white markings on it, there is a pile of sawdust under a bench (I already swept up a large portion of sawdust), I found several boards with green and white splotches on them. Where there was a door it is boarded up, someone said there had been a vent there, the grass and vegetatation doesn’t grow well there. The worst signs though are the rashes on my family, including my two year old son who had been sweeping in the garage.

  15. Ann says

    I live next door to a meth producer in a city of about medium-sized population. I have seen no burning, etc outside, but I have seen some “digging” a couple of times. I think the waste is sometimes buried. I’m wondering if we are in danger with our water supply?? He has a fence which makes it hard to tell what’s going on in the backyard.

    • says

      Anytime meth lab chemicals are buried, those chemicals can leach in to the groundwater. Whether or not that is effecting the water in your home depends on where the water you use in your home is coming from? If the water is piped in to your home from the city, then it “should” be safe. If you’re getting your water from a well, then I’m more concerned. Give your local water department a call and ask them how you can get your water tested. I would also report your neighbor’s meth-making activity to the police, before somebody gets hurt!

  16. ju says

    I live in compton,ca.I’ve lived here for a little over yr.I was wondering ,ourpipe in our apartment are constantly clogging up and we fix it .it only takes a week or less for the pipes to clogged up again..our apartment pipes are shared with our nieghbors.could this mean they have a meth lab..they’ve covered there windows with card board and as recent as 3 to 4 mths they have a cat..can you please help and were can I get help for this…the cops(sheriff)don’t listen and I’ve heard they are corrupt…thank you

  17. Amber says

    We recently moved into a rental house that has been made over. There are no signs like above, but there is a smell that is making me sick. It smells kind of like cat urine, wet cardboard and my husband said it smells like syrup to him. I am paranoid do to having small kids living here. I’ve read that there is a chemical smell, but is there an oder after the clean up.

    • says

      Was the cleanup conducted by professionals who deal with removing the contamination that remains after meth has been cooked in a house? Does your state issue a certificate once the house has been decontaminated? It’s not unusual for a former meth lab home to look great after property owners spruce the home up with painting, new flooring, carpets, cabinets, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, etc, however that doesn’t remove the contamination. You might also want to do a search for information about meth lab smell on this website by using the search box on the top right hand side of the page.

  18. Tanya says

    can any one please answer some questions for me really quick ? My boyfriend and i have never done meth and never ever plan on it we are smarter than that, is it true that meth can spread threw walls and is it true that is smells like cat pee and sulfer?

  19. scared to purchase says

    I want to purchase a property but for some reason when we went to see the 2 apts. included in the commercial property I had so many red flags go up. first let me say I am 56 yrs old and do not know the first thing about meth or meth labs but for what we hear on the news. When we went into the first apt. the first thing I notice was a strong chemical smell, I thought maybe they replaced carpet or flooring or something. We go in to the apt, the kitchen is smaller than my 5 by 8 bathroom!! there was a flimsy exhaust vet hanging down from the ceiling the girl there in the apt said was for a dryer??? the bedrooms were just strewn with clothes!! discusting and this place freaked me out! there was a 6 mo old baby in a carrier and the mother sat on a couch with no legs. there was 24 hours notice we were coming!!!! These people live in discusting conditions woiith this baby! I did not get a wink of sleep because I am thinking meth is made here. the upstairs apt smelled of cat pee and the restaurand had the smell of gas fumes which she says is not gas and that it was even checked by the gas company. what do you think? oh and the owner of the building called the realator the next day to see if we were interested. When she said no because the place needed to much work, the guys says” I will reduce the price 40k for repairs!!!!

    • says

      The cost of remediating that property could be a lot more than $40,000! In fact, some homes are so contaminated by methlabs that the cheapest way out is to demolish them and rebuild. That property has too many red flags for me. If I were you, I wouldn’t walk away, I’d run!

  20. sherry says

    Hello! I am trying to find answers….i am 10 weeks pregnant and im sure meth was made in the house in now living in,, numourus times months ago. I am wondering if bringing a newborn baby here. Coupd harm it from when it was made b4 i moved here……. can sum1 please give me some answers????!!!!

    • says

      If the home has never been decontaminated, then you and your developing baby are being exposed to methlab chemicals right now. : ( The sooner you can move out of there, the better!

  21. Kater says

    My mother lives down the street from a former meth house. I’ve noticed that people have rented the house after the previous renters were put in jail. Is there something like a clearinghouse where people can list actual addresses of former meth houses, or would that open a big old can of legal worms? I wonder if the new tenants know about the house and how well it was actually cleaned up.

    • says

      There are lists of former methlabs, but none of them contain every home that is contaminated with meth and/or the chemicals used to make it, and that includes the lists maintained by the DEA. Most homes where meth has been manufactured have never been found by police, a fact that law enforcement agencies readily admit to. Many people find out that the home they’re living in is a former meth lab from neighbors. Chronic exposure to methlab chemicals can cause illness in both people and animals. Someone should let those renters know about the history of that home, and the sooner they learn about the history of that home, the better.

      Whether or not the house was decontaminated and to what level depends on what state the house is in. The same can be said about whether or not the new renters were informed that the house had previously been a meth lab. Different states have different disclosure and cleanup requirements.

  22. clifford says

    You’ve got a neighbor that you think has a lab going. 40-50 visitors a day and you don’t know how law enforcement will react to a large number of plate numbers you might turn in. So look for the obvious and the not so obvious visitor to the dope house.
    The person driving the expensive suv is one thing that is a flag. But the guy driving an old battered truck that no one would give a second notice too is another. Especially if he unloads boxes in front of the house or several houses away and walks them to the house at odd hours…..
    Give an obvious bust to the right cop, and you might get lucky. Then look at the pd. If the local cop you might be dealing with lives in a million dollar home and hasn’t won the lottery you might give your numbers to some one else. Dea, county, state police , you got options.

  23. joey says

    Dear Sir: my dads rented to my cousin and he got busted for meth so now he got to go threw the inspection do you no what stuff you can clean it up with what kind of soap or what ever you do it with thank you

    • Drew says

      To my understanding its someone that needs to be cleaned up with specialized chemicals or techniques by trained individuals..the smoke and contaminants may have worked its say through the property through the vents contaminating everything. Even if you have a property torn down it has to be done by hazmat need professional help with this joey regardless of the contamination level.. good luck

  24. Anya says

    I have been living in a very small studio with my boyfriend for 8 months. I made the mistake of renting it blind, putting down a deposit without first looking at it. The people who lived there before me moved out the same day I was supposed to move in. I am renting from family so this transition from the old tenants to me was left on my shoulders. Upon entering my new place, here is exactly what I saw: heavily stained carpet with what looked like cigarette burns of various sizes and shapes, brown stains on the walls and radiator covers, strong smell of pet urine even though they people did not have pets, busted blinds and no drapes or even drape fixtures, corroded and clogged sink pipe that busted on the third day of moving in, the filthiest stove I’ve ever seen covered with tin foil and debris, large sootmarks on the wall and ceiling above the stove like something exploded on the stovetop and was set ablaze, exposed pipe in the bathroom, what looks like water runs on one of the walls and that wall is painted over very poorly. I hired and maid service so the mess was cleaned up, the black carpet is now grey but you can still see the burns. Also, in this very tiny apartment we have 15 quadruple outlets spaced a foot apart at chest level as well as 12 industrial looking flourescent lights not just covering but smothering the ceiling. Also, the yard looks pathetic, dead grass spots everywhere and nothing wants to grow in the garden.
    We both have strange symptoms too. My boyfriend has chronic dry mouth, skin and eye irritation. I am asthmatic and have had to be nebulized 4 times in the past 8 months, I have chest pains, shortness of breath, chest tightness, nausea, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, irritability, loss of concentration, insomnia, skin irritation/rash just to name a few.
    Could it be that our suspicions are true and that we’re living in a former meth house? Please help! My Dr told me to leave immediately based on my description and symptoms. I’m still in shock over this. I would appreciate any input anyone my have. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Anya,
      Based on what you’ve described, I wholeheartedly agree with your doctor. The longer you’re exposed to whatever it is that’s causing your health issues, the worse your health is likely to get. The corroded pipes also concern me. If the apartment was used to make meth and they were pouring their leftover chemicals (which includes acids) down drains in the house, then someone could get seriously injured. You’re not in a safe situation there, from the sounds of it. Until you can get out of there, try to get as much fresh air in to that apartment, as possible. Opening some windows will help to dilute the concentration of chemicals in the apartment.

      If I were you, I’d move out, as soon as possible. You can test the apartment for meth by using one of the meth testing kits that I sell to detect whether meth is present in the apartment or you can hire a professional testing company to do the testing. Professional testing is a more extensive testing process and as a result is more costly.

      Whoever owns the property is responsible for getting the home decontaminated. Based on what you’ve described, the apartment sounds like it needs to be decontaminated, before anyone is allowed to live there.

      Have you spoken to other tenants or neighbors about the people, who used to live in that apartment? Have you spoken to the family members that rented the apartment to you about the health issues that you’ve been having since moving in? Have you spoken to the police department to find out if the last tenants were involved in any drug crimes?

      If you’d like to speak to me privately about your situation, feel free to email me by using the Contact Us form.

      • Anya says

        Thank you for your response, I’m so glad I found this site. My boyfriend and I have moved out on Monday and thankfully my mom is letting us stay with her.
        Our neighbors and other tenants keep to themselves. They don’t talk to us, we don’t talk to them. We used to have people living below us who I know were addicts. There was always the smell of weed, crack, and cigarettes wafting up to our studio. I know the smell of crack well as I am a former addict, 8 years clean. I do know that the neighbors in the front house were upset that the guys living in our apartment were asked to leave in order for us to move in. This was done as a favor by our landlady who is like family to me. From what she told me, and I believe her, there were about 4-7 adults living in that tiny studio that is really only just enough for two. I feel very cheated as nothing was done to clean this apartment before I arrived, I had to pay for those services myself, but most importantly, I feel like I lost 8 months of good quality of life as I found myself getting sicker and sicker. The former tenants still get mail there sometimes so I’m thinking of looking all of them up. I have not contacted the police to ask about drug arrests as it hasn’t occurred to me until you mentioned it now.
        How long until we evaporate from these toxins and what chemicals could we have been poisoned with? This situation is delicate as I have mentioned, the owners of the property are like family and I really don’t want anything negative between us. Do you have any suggestions as to how to handle this? I am also very curious about why anyone would need those 15 quadruple power outlets at chest level and spaced a foot apart? We have been trying to figure this mystery out for months. Thanks again for your help! This site could have possibly saved our lives!

  25. says

    I leased an apt last Sept. It had a funny smell but had recently been painted so I assumed it was the paint. The bathroom was a disaster, the landlord had the tub reglazed and the tiles replaced around the tub. Its an old building and the tenants had been evicted. The ceiling fan was completely coated in dark stuff and dust. I thought the former tenants were just filthy. The’paint’ smell never went away and its been 13 months. I’ve spent hardly any time there as my throat always really burns when I go. The neighbor had mentioned he thought they were drug dealers. A lot of things didn’t work right and the tenants obviously didn’t have the landlords in to fix anything. The pipe to the shower head was rusty and I replaced it, as is the tub drain. I did assume this was because of the age of the place. There are holes in the vinyl around the windows which are fairly new.

    • says

      I hope you’ve moved out of that apartment S. If not, you should do that as soon as possible. If that apartment was used to make meth, the less time you spend in that apartment, the better. Chronic exposure to even low levels of meth lab chemicals can cause health problems that may not appear for months or years. Did you happen to take pictures of the apartment or take someone with you to see the apartment before you rented it? Having pictures and/or a witness to the rusty shower head/tub drain and the unusual odors in the apartment could be helpful to you if you can prove the landlord knowingly rented you a home contaminated with meth lab chemicals. Of course, a positive meth test to go along with that evidence would also help if you choose to pursue legal action against your landlord. You might also want to contact the local police department to find out if there is a record of a drug bust at your address. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be.

  26. Michele says

    Hi I’m just found this site and I would like some input on our current situatuion. We moved into the house we are in close to 3 months ago now, I have recently found out that the previous tenants were meth users and also went to jail for meth lab stuffs and did cook it in the house ,how often who knows but with that being said when I moved in the house was freshly painted , very clean and she expressed how hard she worked to fix the house up and she thought she would never get the smell of cat urine out that they had cats but I don’t think they did, we’ll sine we have been here my five year old has been sick non stop with sinus infections and now it has to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out, we all have noticed in our energy decrease but no respitory issues so far !! I know they did not replace walls nor did they clean ac duct work however we are on a well and it smells like rotten eggs and stinks the whole house when using the water especially while bathing or washing clothes, and strangely there is Never! Any dust on the vents in any room but dust everywhere else and the house is very hard to cool and unit never shuts off maybe it’s clogged but with all of this being said what do I do has any experienced any of things I am a mess I don’t know if it’s the house and it’s past causing these things or am I being paranoid? Thanks for any help

    • says

      Does the owner of the house have proof that the house was decontaminated? It sounds to me like the house is still contaminated by meth lab chemicals, despite the fact that the property owner worked hard to make it look pretty. Paint does not remove meth lab contamination and drinking and bathing water shouldn’t smell like rotten eggs. The fact that your water smells like rotten eggs is concerning, especially since you have a young child. The house and the water you’re using to bath and wash clothes may be contaminated with meth lab chemicals. If that’s the case, then washing in that water would expose you and your child to harmful chemicals. You didn’t mention what state the house is in, so I don’t know what, if any, cleanup regulations exist in your state. If I were you, I’d move out of that house, as soon as possible. You should also report the situation to your local health department and the EPA. Let them know that you moved in to a former meth lab home, your son’s health has declined since you moved in, and the water smells like rotten eggs. Someone needs to meth test the house and test the water for meth lab contamination, bacteria, etc. I wouldn’t drink the water in that house, nor wash my clothes or bathe in it. If I were you, I’d move out of that house, as soon as possible for the sake of your health and the health of your son. I realize that’s easier said than done, but I am concerned that your health problems may worsen over time. Children absorb more chemicals than adults, which is why your son may already be exhibiting health problems.

  27. mike wright says

    I know there is something about my apartment. I hear water gushing every night and day and they also caught the stove on fire and I have a headache every morning which I never did get. Now I get a sweet kind of smell but this water in the kitchen is always being drained in to a bucket and they are always in a hurry to get it emptied. What does this sound like? I don’t know much about this stuff or how it is made and what kind of sounds and smell I may be getting I hardly ever had a headache until they moved in and was messing around with working all winter long and heard them tell someone theay caught the cooking stove on fire but the burns they seen was not no where near the kitchen they are still doing this, what should i do, thank you so much. I do not like turning anyone in but this is because of my health and danger to others that already have health problems.

  28. Bets says

    WOW! Rusty sinks is one thing I noticed about the home I was previously in. The home tested positive for meth but the landlords said “its okay we washed the walls three times.” Neighbors were coming to me saying “move out.” However the Housing people (HUD) told me that there were never any police reports so they did not have to do more than clean the walls three times. I know who the people were that lived there prior to me (Small town) and yes they surely look skinny and strange. I never bothered to learn about meth until now and it sickens me. I was set-up. My oldest son was feeling dizzy the day we moved in. My baby got a bloody nose the first night we moved in. I took them to the ER the second week and they told me there is nothing they can do. The ER people looked at me as if I was on meth because it was late and I had a long day at work. I was crying because why in the heck would HUD people let me move in there when they should be providing safe and clean homes for single struggling mothers like me. No pity I am just irritated that not only are the meth people putting innocent people at risk but also the people in charge of realty, apartment landlords, and HUD staff. Yes I contacted main HUD office but there is nothing no one can do for me. Now we are living at my aunts. Homeless. No where to go. I really am skeptical where and when I will move out of here! Meth is everywhere and people that are on the hierarchy are in denial or just don’t give a damn like lower class people like me.

  29. ccc optimist says

    I am so glad I found this your forum. We moved into a long term lease house which was freshly painted, and had new carpet six years ago. We recently found out that the previous tenants cooked meth here. The house was raided, and the tenant went to prison for 2 years. (The landlady did not say a word.) The shower head, and sink stoppers are all rusty and also have a reddish tinge. The house is impossible to keep clean due to black dust every where. I did have the ducts cleaned a year after we moved in. There is a sweet sickly smell. When I had old carpet removed there a very strong cat urine odor. The air conditioner runs constantly. There is a horrible stink coming from the sinks. I am worried sick. My husband and I are senior citizens. Can you advise where to start and who to contact?

    • says

      It sounds to me like the place you rented is still contaminated. Sigh. You didn’t mention what state you live in, so I’m not sure whether or not your state has meth lab disclosure and or meth lab cleanup laws in place. Have you tested the house for meth yet or called the police department or health department to find out what they know about the house? If the house is contaminated (based on what you’ve said, it sounds like it is), you’ll need evidence (test results, police reports, health department reports) to pursue damages from the landlord. Living in a contaminated former meth lab home not only threatens your health, it may have also contaminated your belongings that can be expensive to replace.

  30. Priscilla Hartl says

    I am smelling cigarette smoke and wood smoke in the evening around my home, and it makes me so sick with burning throat , eyes and headaches. It is so strong and I smell it especially on weekends. Its in my car, and now there is a burn mark on the passenger seat of my car. It also has evidence of being broke into. I cant open my windows at night, and it has been hot here. Even when closed , I get sick. My apt also smells odd, and i find paint , white paint spatters and drips on floors, sinks, windows . Also my window sills have been marked up, and blinds broken. The home heats up at night even in the winter. And when Im gone!!! I walk in to an 80 degree home in the winter. I find other evidence that appears someone is using my apt. Markings on walls , holes, spray paint on windows ?! And I notice many things broken , banged up. My car also. I have no garage and no alarm on my car. Can someone use my home and car to do meth?! I am in a woodsy area, i have seen transients on bicycles come out of the woods up the rd

  31. Dawn says

    Hello, yesterday the police raided a house across the street from my home that was a meth lab. We are home owners, and the house across is a rental. This is a small town, approximately 2400 people. I have seen this on tv, but really didn’t want to see it this close to home. One was charged with a misdemeanor, the other was charged with a felony. Worst of this is I saw both of them back at the house last night and today. I have a 9 yr old daughter, and I don’t want her growing up in this kind of environment. Granted she is a very smart child, and knows better. We had received tomatoes from the “drug house” over the weekend, and my daughter wanted to smash them. I did contact the police dept not knowing if the tomatoes would be needed to be used as evidence or not. They told me it would be very unlikely there would be anything wrong with the tomatoes but they would now know for sure. I am thinking we will be getting rid of these, don’t want any traces of anything in my home.

  32. Robin says

    I lived in a studio apt. in Wa State. The place was gorgeous. Well there were horrible smells coming in the vents and under the door of the apt house. I had to use duct tape to seal out all the air. The elderly people that owned the house were not able to do much. This place really needs to get torn down. It is 5 years since I lived there. I am concerned to move near my kids because in the next town there is news of the same crap. I had a stroke when I lived there. I am only healing up. I don’t believe even the HUD for lower income properties is being exactly honest, because they just evict the losers, and throw on paint and deodorizers and re-rent to the disadvantaged disabled and elderly. This USA has fell out of graces because young and old are playing with fire. Don’t humans value the decency of life and have morals to their own bodies, to others environments and to the family? I read all the posts and now I guess I will not move. At least this low income rental was not a meth lab. The town I want to live in -closer to my grown kids-has a nasty history, and I am low income and I don’t know anymore about (the fact that a half a million dollar complex just built was used to make meth) This place is awesome and no one has done that, but I can imagine that HUD politicians probably have to lie and just rent those apartments and pretend that they are not contaminated. I will die if I move into another meth polluted place. Once government money was spent to build nice homes for the challenged people, and then over time rotten apples moved in..before they know it the whole housing spectrum could be destroyed. What a Damned mess AMERICA is in. GOD please protect the innocent!

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