Meth Lab Cleanup costs handed to Michigan meth cook

A Michigan man was ordered to pay over $20,000 in meth lab cleanup costs by Gratiot County Circuit Court Judge Michelle Rick, in exchange for a delayed sentence.

Ray Robinson, 51, from Alma, was ordered to pay his landlords more than $20,000 for contaminating their house with meth lab chemicals, in return for a delayed sentence.

Robinson’s $21,000 meth lab cleanup costs include the cost of removing meth lab contamination from the home’s HVAC system and replacing other items in the home that can not be cleaned, such as carpeting.

Meth Lab Cleanup payment conditions

Under terms set by Gratiot County Circuit Court Judge Michelle Rick, Robinson has 11 months to come up with the meth lab cleanup money, during which time he has been placed on house arrest. Under Judge Rick’s terms, Robinson will only be allowed to leave the home to go to work. If he pays the landlord’s the entire $21,000 over the coming months, Judge Rick has promised to take that in to consideration before sentencing him. If he doesn’t come up with the money, he could be sentenced to as much as 20 years in federal prison.

Meth lab cleanup cost falls short of Judge’s order 

On August 27, 2012, Judge Rick sentenced Ray Robinson to two to twenty years in prison, after  he paid $13,000 in meth lab cleanup costs, $6,546.80 short of the full cost of decontaminating his landlord’s property. Robinson still owes the balance of the decontamination costs, according to Judge Rick’s order.

Original post date: September 9, 2011
Updated: February 3, 2014


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