Meth lab chemical fumes in apartment building

I live in an 8-Unit apartment bldg in Arcadia, CA where we are experiencing a lot of consternation from chemical fumes coming in to our apartment from the apartment above us. We have notified the local police dept. but they say they can’t do anything about it without proof of any drug activity. Since we are not certain that the fumes are drug related our land lord says his hands are tied, and doesn’t know what to investigate. He didn’t experience what we are experiencing after a 15 minute visit, and after talking with near by tenants who have denied any chemical smells, etc. he needs proof also. But we’re going crazy with these chemical pollutants, and don’t know where to go for help. Any suggestions? Plz advz


  1. says

    When you smell the fumes again, call the police department back. They CAN enter a home without a search warrant if meth cooking is in progress. It is known as “exigent circumstances”, meaning it is an emergency situation. Meth labs explosions and fires happen all of the time, so if they are cooking meth, then the police should intervene – especially since you live in a eight-unit apartment building. An active meth lab in your building puts everyone at risk!

    • richard wood says

      I feel sorry for people that live in apartments, I experienced a meth cooker next door , who filled my apartment with chemicals, hydraitic acid, pure pool chlorine to cover up acetone, my heart sustained severe damage, and i was a weightlifter/bodybuilder for 40 years. the police came, fire dept. came, but they would not enter the guys residence without the manager present or a warrant. with this high technology available, where are the portable gas chromatograph units to sample enviormental hazarads? my town of fairfield ca is too cheap. JUST WAIT TILL THEY LEGALIZE POT IN CA., YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT ELSE THEY MIX WITH IT.

  2. samantha says

    Same here the place i live i also feel that lot of consternation from chemical fumes coming in to our apartment from the apartment above us. We have notified the local police dept. but like you guys we are also facing same response.

  3. Ro says

    We lived across the hall from a meth cooker in our apartment building. The police never did anything and we even had a state police narcotics investigator in our living room while the jerk was cooking! Don’t mess with the cops. Call the fire department and report chemical smells. Or get in good with your local police officer than handles a drug sniffer dog. And whatever you do, document, document, document: times and days you smell the stuff, unusual activity–a lot of coming and going at all hours of the day and night, license plates–photograph if possible, take pictures of the people, learn WHO lives in that apartment, and keep it all in a journal. Write down every time you call some official department about it, and document who you talked to and what was done. It all needs to be seen to have a case. Of course, hopefully, the drug sniffer will find it, or the fire department will respond. Good luck.

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